CATALOG: Introduction to Engineering Technology Career Studies Certificate

Length: 16 Credits


The Career Studies Certificate in Introduction to Engineering offers an articulated pathway to the Engineering General Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree and introduces basic engineering skills including engineering design principles, problem-solving, drafting, mechanics, and A.C. and D.C. circuit fundamentals.

Program Information
Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the curriculum. Students completing this career studies certificate should be eligible for entry-level employment in one or more of the following occupations: Electronics technician assistant, Electrical technician assistant, Electronics repair assistant.

Admission Requirements
Students must meet the general admission requirements of the college. Students are urged to consult with counselors or faculty advisors in planning their programs.


Course # Title Lecture Lab Credit
EGR 115 or Approved Elective Engineering Graphics or Approved Elective 1 2 3 3
EGR 120 Introduction to Engineering 2 0 2
EGR 123 or Approved Elective Introduction to Engineering Design or Approved Elective 1 1 2 2
EGR 140 or Approved Elective1 Engineering Mechanics-Statics or Approved Elective1 3 0 3
ETR 113 D.C. & A.C. Fundamentals I 2 3 3
ELE 176 or Approved Elective Introduction to Alternative Energy including Hybrid Systems or Approved Elective 1 2 3 3
  Semester Total 12 11 16
  Total Minimum Credits: 16  1 Courses used to fulfill this requirement: ETR 114, EGR 135, ETR 140, ETR 203, ETR 271, ETR 286, ETR 298

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