CATALOG: Diesel Mechanics Technology Certificate

The Diesel Mechanics Technology curriculum is designed to introduce the fundamentals of diesel equipment repair and provide instruction in hydraulic systems, welding, diesel engine overhaul and tune-up, electrical circuits, power train maintenance and fuel injection. The Diesel Mechanics Technology program will give graduates a practical background in basic diesel equipment technology principles. The curriculum provides practical training and the option of on-the-job experience through cooperative education. The demand for trained diesel mechanic personnel and technicians is increasing


Occupational Objectives
The Diesel Mechanics Technology curriculum prepares graduates for employment in any of the following occupations: Diesel Equipment Repair, Diesel Truck Repair, Supervisor, Shop Foreman, Heavy Duty Repair, Purchasing Agent, Salesperson, Power Train Repair, Fuel Injection Repair, Diesel Engine Repair, and Automotive Diesel Repair.

General college curricular admission

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the program head either before registering for their first semester or early in their first semester of study. Students will be required to furnish clear lens safety glasses, leather work footwear, and proper clothing for working in the lab.

Students in this program will meet the college’s computer competency requirement by successfully completing ITE 115.

Admission Requirements
In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into this program requires proficiency in English. Students whose placement test scores indicate a need for further preparation, will be placed in the appropriate developmental courses in English. Although developmental course credits do not apply toward the degree, these courses prepare students for collegiate level work. Students required to take two or more developmental courses will need additional semesters to complete the degree.

Diesel Mechanics Technology Curriculum

DSL 152 Diesel Power Trains, Chassis and Suspension 2 4 4
WEL 120 Fundamentals of Welding 1 3 2
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1 0 1
DSL 143 Diesel Truck Electrical Systems 2 4 4
DSL 150 Mobile Hydraulics and Pneumatics 2 2 3
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 0 3
  TOTAL 11 13 17
DSL 176 Transportation Air Conditioning 1 2 2
DSL 126 Diesel Engine Reconditioning 3 6 6
DSL 131 Diesel Fuel Systems and Tune-up 2 4 4
DSL 160 Air Brake Systems 2 2 3
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts2 3 0 3
  TOTAL 11 14 18
DSL 197 Cooperative Education or Approved Elective1 0 15 3
  TOTAL 0 15 3
  Total Minimum Credits for Certificate in Diesel Mechanics Technology     38

1Approved electives include MEC 175 and other courses as approved by the program head.
2 ITE 119 can be used as a replacement.

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