CATALOG: Basic Networking and Cybersecurity Career Studies Certificate

Length: 12 Credits

The Career Studies Certificate in Networking and Cybersecurity is designed for those individuals who are recent high school graduates or for individuals in the labor force who are seeking entry-level jobs in the area of networking or are seeking addition computer networking skills for their current position.

Gainful Employment:
Entry-level work in fields of network specialist, network technician, and network administrator.

Admission Requirements:
Students must meet the general admission requirements of the college.

Program Requirements:
Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the curriculum. Students seeking a network certificate should discuss their needs with program adviser before registering.


Course # Course Title Lecture Lab Credits
 ITE 100 Introduction to InformationSystems1 3 0  3
ITN 101 or ITN 150 Intro to Local AreaNetworks or Fundamentals of Networking 3  0 3
ITN 260 Network Security Basics 3 0 3
ITP 175 Concepts of ProgrammingLanguages2 3 0 3
 Semester total 12 0 12

Total Minimum Credits: 12

1May be replaced by ITE 115 or ITE 119.
2May be replaced by ITP 120 or ITN 151.

Last modified on 08-14-2018