CATALOG: Autism Career Studies Certificate

Length: 9 credits

To increase the effectiveness of educators and community members who, personally or professionally, deal with students exhibiting autism spectrum disorders. The program is designed to provide an introduction, curriculum development, and methodologies for supporting students with autism.

Opportunities for employment
Classroom teachers, aides, and other school personnel involved with teaching autistic students.

Admission requirement
Applicants must meet general admission requirements of the college.

Program requirements
Students are required to earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the curriculum to be awarded the Career Studies Certificate.


Course # Title Lecture Lab Credit
EDU 270 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 0 3
EDU 271 Methodologies and Curriculum Development for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders 1 3 0 3
EDU 272 Methods for Supporting Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders in the School Setting 2 3 0 3
Total 9 0 9

Total Minimum Credits: 9

1 Prerequisite: EDU 270

2Prerequisite: EDU 270 and EDU 271

Last modified on 08-11-2017