CATALOG: Accounting Certificate

Length: 2 semesters

To train persons for full- or part-time employment in accounting.

Occupational Objectives
Accounts Receivable Clerk; Accounts Payable Clerk; Bookkeeper; Cash Receipts Clerk; Cash Payments Clerk; Bill and Account Collectors; Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks; Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into this program requires proficiency in English, mathematics, and reading. Students who do not meet entry requirements, or whose placement test scores indicate a need for further preparation, will be placed in the appropriate developmental studies courses in English, mathematics, and/or reading. These developmental course credits do not apply toward degrees or certificates. Students required to take two or more developmental courses will need additional semesters to complete any program.

Program Requirements
Accounting is a one-year program which meets the Virginia Community College System general education requirements for certificate programs. It also provides basic accounting training. More than one half of the program consists of accounting courses at the college level.

Students successfully completing this course with an overall GPA of “C” or higher are awarded a Certificate in Accounting.


First Semester
Course # Title Lecture Lab Credit
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 0 3
MTH Any MTH level 100 or higher 3 0 3
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I 4 0 4
ACC 124 Payroll Accounting 3 0 3
ITE 100 Introduction to Information Systems1 3 0 3
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1 0 1
Semester Total 17 0 17
Second Semester
Course # Title Lecture Lab Credit
ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II 4 0 4
ACC 134 Small Business Taxes 3 0 3
ACC 231 Cost Accounting I 3 0 3
ACC 215 Computerized Accounting 3 0 3
ITE 140 Spreadsheet Software 3 0 3
Semester Total 16 0 16
Total Minimum Credits: 33 1 May replace with an approved ITE transfer course (ITE 115 or ITE 119) in place of this non-transfer course.

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