Instructors establish specific attendance policies for their classes. Generally, students are required to attend all classes for which they are registered except in the event of illness or unavoidable emergency. Students are responsible for making definite arrangements for any classes they miss. Written work must be turned in to the instructor by the assigned deadline or at a time designated by the instructor. Absence from class for any reason does not lessen responsibility for meeting all of the requirements of the class, and may necessitate a withdrawal from class.

Class attendance and contact with on-line course instructors:

Students should attend the first day of class or fulfill the requirements for distance learning orientation, and should carefully read the course syllabus for attendance and contact required by the instructors.

Students who are registered for a course, but do not attend or make contact with the instructor during the add/drop period will be dropped from the class without notification. Be sure to check the semester calendar for drop and withdrawal dates.

Up until the withdrawal date for the session, students who stop attending a course, miss more than 20 percent of the class, or fail to maintain contact with the on-line course instructor will be withdrawn by the course instructor. Students should inform their instructor of any situation that might affect attendance or coursework.

After the withdrawal date, students who stop attending will receive a failing grade for the course.

Last modified on 06-30-2017