Academic Advising

All curricular students are assigned an academic advisor to assist them in planning to reach their academic goals. An academic advisor is assigned to a student shortly after the student declares a curriculum. Faculty members serve as academic advisors to curricular students and provide educational guidance in their fields of specialization. Academic advisors can provide information about the knowledge and skills needed in their fields, as well as information about job opportunities and college transfer. Students should consult with an academic advisor for assistance with course scheduling each semester and prior to applying for graduation. For assistance in matters outside their professional scope, academic advisors will refer students to counselors.

Students who wish to make changes in course enrollment should use the add/drop procedure outlined in the class schedule. It is strongly recommended that students review schedule changes with an academic advisor.

Students who wish to change their major should schedule an appointment with a counselor in order to discuss the impact of the change and to complete appropriate forms. When a student changes from one major to another, a new academic advisor may be assigned to the student.

Last modified on 06-30-2017