RCC Senior Spotlight: Ashley Fowlkes

Ashley Fowlkes, an LPN nursing student at RCC, will graduate on May 8. She has attended classes since the summer 2019 when she enrolled in the LPN-to-RN bridge program. Ashley shared with us her experience at RCC and her pride in the medical community during this unprecedented time.

An LPN at Work

Ashley Fowlkes has worked as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) in Richmond home health services for five years, and has been licensed for seven years. “I immediately loved home health,” Ashley said fondly. “Working in a facility can be challenging because you have so many patients at once. Working in home health allows me to care for one patient at a time.” Ashley specializes in educating patients on their long-term care options. “Home health has been incredibly enriching – I work by myself, so it’s helped me become more independent and more confident in my own nursing judgment.”

Professors That Inspire

 “The time I had in the classroom was such a valuable learning experience,” Ashley said. “I felt like my instructors took every opportunity to make the most of my class.” Throughout her nursing education at RCC, Ashley noted many professors who she was especially grateful for. ”Leslie Lantz and Carrie Lewis were particularly relatable to me,” she said. “They helped me feel confident that I could still graduate in my thirties! They were my role models.”

Ashley admitted that the transition to online learning was initially challenging, but that her professors were with her every step of the way. “My professors adapted quickly and made the learning experience worthwhile. Even though we weren’t together, I knew that they were always available to help.”

A Profession and a Calling

The Coronavirus has brought attention to millions of medical workers around the world in their efforts to combat the pandemic. Ashley said she has been inspired by the efforts and is proud to be in the profession. “This confirms to me that nursing isn’t just a profession, it’s a calling and a way of life. We feel the need to help and we have the ability to act. To see nurses come together and work together… it gives me hope for the future.”