April Twist: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

By Jennifer Rose Bryant

April Twist

april twist graduated from rappahannock community college in 2014Yes, April Twist is her real name! April Dawn Twist to be exact.

As a student at Gloucester High School, April enjoyed participating in ROTC, but ultimately chose not to pursue a career in the military. Graduating from Gloucester High in 2011, she took to heart the motto she learned at ROTC: “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome,” as she began classes at Rappahannock Community College that fall.

Living 25 minutes from campus and relying on only one car shared with her entire family, “improvising, adapting and overcoming” is what April had to do.

Finding Support at Rappahannock

At RCC’s Glenns campus, Twist found her advisor Tanya Oliver and Student Support Services’ Specialist Lorraine Justice to be exceptionally helpful and indispensable sources of support and encouragement. Twist graduated from RCC in spring 2014.

If it hadn’t been for her local Rappahannock Community College, April says, “I would’ve found work and maybe gone back to school. Work might’ve taken priority. I don’t feel I would’ve gone as far.”

Starting out at Rappahannock Community College, and then through distance learning through RCC’s automatic acceptance agreement with Old Dominion University, enabled her “to move forward without loans” and obtain her Bachelor’s degree. Recently Twist finished her Master’s in Crisis Response and Trauma Counseling and works in the Gloucester County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court as a deputy clerk.

April offers some advice:

“Take those classes and get them done. Take advantage of resources. Use Workforce. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.”