Financial Aid Balance Refunds

Students with remaining aid balances after tuition and fees are paid in full and after bookstore purchases have been deducted will receive the remaining balance in the form of a check, direct deposit, or debit card each semester. This depends on the refund option you have chosen to receive refunds from the College. Prior to processing remaining balances, the College must ensure that students have begun classes and have not been reported for non-attendance. We then adjust aid for students who are less than full-time, and disburse aid to pay charges (e.g., tuition, fees, books). Once all charges are paid, any remaining credit balance is then prepared for a refund issued to the student.

The last day to drop with a refund must pass prior to disbursement. Disbursements usually occur Mid October for Fall, Mid March for Spring, and Late June for Summer. Students enrolled in later starting classes will have their disbursements held until after the add / drop period for those classes. Please check your address in the Student Information System (SIS) to be sure the correct mailing address is on file. Incorrect mailing addresses will cause a delay in receiving your refund.

Electronic Refunds & Disbursements

Rappahannock Community College has contracted with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to process financial aid disbursements and certain tuition refunds to students electronically. Students will have the opportunity to select their preferred refund disbursement method and receive their refund FAST with the RCC Visa Prepaid Educatecard (Reloadable Debit Card) or with Direct Deposit (ACH) to their bank account.

Students who select the reloadable Visa prepaid debit card should retain the card for all future refunds. Once you receive your Visa prepaid card, visit the Visa Prepaid Educatecard website to learn how to use the card without incurring fees, and other features of the card. Students are encouraged to use the card at retail stores which accept Visa prepaid debit cards and ATMs within the AllPoint network.

At the start of each term, all new students and current students who are not already registered on the RCC Refund Disbursement Portal will receive an email inviting them to register and select one of the refund disbursement options listed below. Even if you do not anticipate receiving a financial aid disbursement or tuition refund, setting up your refund disbursement preference is recommended. You only need to setup your preference once for all future terms and you may change your preference at any time. We encourage you to sign up early so your refund disbursement won’t be delayed.

  • TMS Standard Contract [PDF]

How to Register

Open the email invite from in your VCCS Gmail account. If you didn’t get one, request another invite from the RCC Refund Disbursement portal. You will be asked to enter your student ID (EMPLID), student login ID (myRCC username) and zip code of your SIS mailing address.

Choose an Electronic Payment Option

RCC Visa Prepaid Card (prepaid card option): A reloadable debit card that you receive in the mail and keep as long as you are a RCC student. The card may be used for no charge at Allpoint ATMs or for purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Funds are usually available within 3-5 days after the refund is posted in SIS. You’ll get an alert when funds are loaded on your card. The following are the Visa prepaid debit card fees:


Transaction Student Fee
Activation fee no charge
Monthly service charge no charge
Parent/sponsor card load no charge
Visa ReadyLink card load no charge
Card to card money share no charge
In-network ATM withdrawal (domestic) no charge
In-network ATM withdrawal (international) no charge
In-network ATM inquiry fee two free, $0.50 each after
Foreign ATM withdrawal (domestic) $2.00
Foreign ATM withdrawal (international) $3.00
Foreign ATM inquiry fee two free, $0.50 each after
Foreign international ATM Inquiry fee $0.50 each
Bill Pay – electronic/registered vendor no charge
Bill Pay – paper/nonregistered vendor $0.95 each
Stop payment $25.00 each
POS Signature based transaction no charge
POS balance Inquiry no charge
Merchant signature based transaction no charge
Merchant Pin based transaction no charge
Cash advance/over the counter bank withdrawal 2% of withdrawal amount
International transactions – POS/PIN 2.5% of transaction amount
Card reissue fee $9.00
Statement copies no charge (available online)
Abandoned or inactive account fee (after 12 mos. of inactivity) $3.00 per month until zero balance
Consumer initiated account closure fee waived
  • For the most current list of fees that may be assessed while using this card, please view the terms and conditions when registering for your refund disbursement method.
  • Cash withdrawal limit – $1500.00 per day

Student Data Requirement for the Prepaid Card Program

  1. Total number of students with a prepaid account that were enrolled during the award year – 44
  2. Mean amount of fees charged to students during the award year – $6.36
  3. Median amount of fees charged to students during the award year – $4.00
  4. Total invoice amount paid to TMS for the Refund program – $1,557.20


Direct Deposits

Funds are deposited in the bank account you register – usually 4-6 business days after you see the refund posted in SIS. You’ll get an alert when funds are deposited.

If you don’t register on the Refund/Disbursement Portal

Checks for financial aid and refunds are mailed to your SIS mailing address within 10-14 business days after you see the refund posted in SIS.

If you use QuikPay (on-line credit card payments)

Refunds are credited back to the credit card used for the payment.

Manage your portal account

Log on to the RCC Refund Disbursement portal

  • Change your option for getting refunds.
  • Change bank information for direct deposits.
If your card is lost or stolen

Call Tuition Management Systems at 1-888-425-1138 to have your card deactivated immediately. The college is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

  • To learn more, including answers to frequently asked questions, go to Refund2card