Electronic Refunds & Disbursements

Rappahannock Community College has contracted with Tuition Management Systems (TMS)/Nelnet to process financial aid disbursements and certain tuition refunds to students electronically. Students will have the opportunity to select their preferred refund disbursement method and receive their refunds FASTER by choosing Direct Deposit (ACH) to their bank account and/or prepaid card.

 At the start of each term, all new students and current students who are not already registered on the RCC Refund Disbursement Portal will receive an email inviting them to register. Even if you do not anticipate receiving a financial aid disbursement or tuition refund, setting up your refund disbursement preference is recommended. You only need to setup your preference once for all future terms and you may change your preference at any time. We encourage you to sign up early so your refund disbursement won’t be delayed.

How to Register

Open the email invite from in your VCCS Gmail account. If you didn’t get one, request another invite from the RCC Refund Disbursement portal. You will be asked to enter your student ID (EMPLID), student login ID (myRCC username) and zip code of your SIS mailing address.

Direct Deposits

Funds are deposited in the bank account you register – usually 4-6 business days after you see the refund posted in SIS. You’ll get an alert when funds are deposited.

Manage your portal account

Log on to the RCC Refund Disbursement portal

  • Change your option for getting refunds.
  • Change bank information for direct deposits.

If you don’t register on the Refund/Disbursement Portal

Checks for financial aid and refunds are mailed to your SIS mailing address within 10-14 business days after you see the refund posted in SIS.

Tuition payments made by using Nelnet Campus Commerce (on-line credit card payments) that need to be refunded will be refunded back to the credit card used for the original payment.