Parking & Parking Permits

Students and current faculty/staff can obtain one or two (2) permits as necessary. Permits are available at these locations on either campus:

  • Reception Office window
  • Business Office Cashier
  • Admission & Records

A registered student can obtain one or two (2) permits as necessary. To obtain a replacement student parking permit, pieces of the current permit must be turned in at the time of the request. There is no additional fee for the two (2) permit stickers.

Faculty and Staff Permit
All employees are eligible for two parking permits. Employees must display their permits appropriately and comply with parking regulations or be subject to a fine.

Employees are responsible for providing and maintaining correct information on their parking record. All changes, including license tag numbers, must be immediately reported. Employees must remove and return their permits when terminating employment. Employees may not obtain new or replacement permits without having paid for all parking citations on their records.

Display Regulations
Permits must be clearly displayed, as instructions indicate, on cars, trucks and motorcycles. On cars and trucks, the permit must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle on the driver’s side, either on the vehicle window or on the rear bumper. Motorcycle permits must be displayed on the front fork of the cycle. Permits are designed with an adhesive backing to be stuck to the outside of the vehicle either on the glass or on the bumper. When vehicle operators choose another method of attaching the permit to the vehicle and the permit is not clearly visible in the required location, the operator may be fined for improper display of permit.

Handicapped Permits
RCC does not issue handicapped permits. Handicapped permits issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in any state or the District of Columbia will be honored on campuses. It is not necessary to have a RCC permit if a valid DMV handicapped permit is displayed while parking in a RCC handicapped space. Handicapped permits must be valid, displayed properly and used only by the persons to whom they were issued. It is a violation of Virginia Law and RCC rules to misuse a handicapped permit.

Guest and Visitor Passes
College officials may issue temporary parking passes for parking lots or validations for parking garages to guests and visitors. These passes and validations allow parking in RCC lots or garages at the times indicated. They are not valid for use at meters. Visitors without parking passes or validations must use meters or pay for parking in the parking garages. The failure to pay is likely to result in a citation.

Citations, Fines and Appeals
RCC is empowered to enforce its parking regulations by issuing legally enforceable parking citations to those who fail to comply with rules and regulations that control parking on any of its campuses. If RCC needs to utilize the services of a collection agency for debts owed, the debtor is responsible for paying all fines, late fees and collection costs. Unidentified vehicles left on lots more than 72 hours will be towed at the owner’s expense. Call us at 804-758-6700 for more information.

The registered owner of a vehicle with citations is responsible for any parking violations regardless of who is driving. Students will not be permitted to re-enroll or use many RCC services until the fines are paid.

Faculty, staff and students may not obtain new or replacement permits without having paid for all parking citations on their records. Violations and the associated fines are listed below. Fines must be paid within 30 calendar days from the date of issue or an additional $10 late fee will be added to the original fine.

Parking citations may be appealed. Appeals may also be submitted to the campus Reception Office where the citation was issued.

Appeal forms must be filed within 15 calendar days after issuance of the citation. The Traffic Appeals Committee will consider only those appeals that challenge the facts as stated on the citation. decision is final. Decisions by the Traffic Appeals Committee are final.

Loading Zones
Parking is not permitted in loading zones without a valid loading zone permit issued by RCC. A loading zone permit for vendors or individuals unloading equipment or supplies may be obtained from a Reception Office. Vehicles must be moved immediately after loading or unloading.

Hours of Operation
RCC parking lot operating hours are from 6:00 a.m. until midnight. Parking after hours without proper authorization is prohibited. After hours parking is defined as a vehicle parked on a RCC parking lot anytime between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Speed Limit
The campus speed limit is 15 M.P.H. on roads, 10 M.P.H. in parking lots unless otherwise posted.

Vehicle Immobilization
A vehicle with Virginia license plates and three or more unpaid citations may be booted or otherwise immobilized. The boot will not be removed until all outstanding parking fines, any late fees and a $25 boot fee are paid. Out-of-state licensed vehicles may be booted/immobilized and/or towed with one unpaid citation. It is illegal to tamper with or remove a boot. Vehicles unclaimed after 72 hours will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Use of stolen permit or misuse of permit $25
Handicapped violation $150
Tampering with or removal of immobilizer $100
Unauthorized transfer of permit $25
Parking within 15 feet of fire hydrant $50
Parking in a fire lane $50
Parking in a roadway $50
No valid permit displayed $50
No loading zone permit $25
Improper parking $25
Parking in a State space without authorization $25
No valid “A” lot permit $25
Permit improperly displayed $10

A $10 late fee will be imposed on all unpaid citations after 30 days from the date the citation(s) was/were issued. Parking fees and fine structures listed in this brochure are subject to change
without notice.

Persons found tampering with property, vehicles or with RCC issued parking citations on campus will be subject to the full penalty of Virginia State Law.

Sharing of permits is strictly prohibited. Services provided through permits are intended solely for the individual to whom the permit was issued. It is a violation of RCC policy to transfer permits to other persons. Persons found to be in violation of this regulation are subject to a $25 fine.