Register for Classes

Registration is conducted at the College prior to the beginning of each semester. Current information about the registration schedule and registration procedures is published each semester in the Schedule of Classes and on our website. Students are responsible for complying with registration policies and procedures and meeting established deadlines.

Students may register in person at the Glenns Campus, Warsaw Campus, or King George site for classes taught at either campus. Eligible students may also register online via myRCC on the RCC website. All students are encouraged to register for classes as early as possible. Registration dates are listed in the class schedule each semester. Tuition and fees may be paid in person on the Glenns or Warsaw Campus or online via myRCC. Registration is not complete until tuition and fees are paid.

Inquiries and requests for information pertaining to registration should be addressed to:

Admissions + Records Office

Glenns Campus
804-758-6760 TDD

Warsaw Campus
804-333-6760 TDD

Online Registration
Eligible students may register online via myRCC during the published registration period. Students may add classes online once classes begin through the published add deadline.

Classes can be dropped online through the last day of the published drop period with a refund. Web registration instructions can be found on our class lass schedule webpage.

Addition of a Course
Students may add a class or change class sections at the beginning of the semester according to the calendar published on the class schedule webpage. Students may not add a new class or change sections after the published deadline.

Dropping a Course with Refund
Students will receive a refund for classes dropped through the drop deadline published on the class schedule webpage. Refunds will not be issued for classes dropped after the published drop deadline for the session.

Students shall be eligible for a refund only for those credit hours dropped during the drop period. Official withdrawal for students becomes effective on the date that written notification of intent to withdraw is received by the Admissions and Records Office, not the date of the last class attended, unless the two days coincide. If a class is cancelled, tuition for that course will be refunded in full. Students are responsible for ensuring that forms reach appropriate offices by deadlines.

Tuition refunds are addressed to the enrolled student and not the person who originally paid, if different from the student.

Withdrawal from a Course (No Refunds)
Students may withdrawal from courses using the online student information system during the published withdrawal period. Refunds will not be issued for withdrawals. A grade of “W” is automatically assigned when a student withdrawals during the withdrawal period. Following the withdraw period a grade of “F” is automatically assigned.

Students submitting a paper withdrawal form must submit the form by the published deadline for the session. Official withdrawal for students becomes effective on the date that written notification of intent to withdrawal is received by the Admissions and Records Of­fice, not the date of the last class attended, unless the two days coincide. Students are responsible for ensuring that forms reach appropriate offices by deadlines.

Note: Financial aid recipients who totally withdraw from college before 60 percent of the semester is completed fall under a return of Title IV funds procedure. Funds will be refunded according to U.S. Department of Education regulations. Funds may be refunded to a financial aid grantor. Course load reductions may reduce the amount of financial aid awarded. The financial aid office should be contacted for further details.

Auditing a Course
Students may register for a course on an audit basis and are exempt from taking the course examinations. Students requesting to audit a course must register, pay regular tuition, and complete the audit form. The audit form must be approved by the course instructor and campus dean. Changes from audit to credit or credit to audit must be made by the last date to add/drop for the session. These dates are published in the schedule of classes each semester.

Audited courses carry no credit and do not count as part of the student’s course load. Students desiring to earn credit for a previously audited course must re-enroll in the course for credit and pay normal tuition to earn a grade other than “X.” Advanced standing credit will not be awarded for a previously audited course.

Senior Citizen Higher Education Act
The Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974 and amendments allow senior citizens to take classes at no charge under certain circumstances. Before the beginning of the semester in which enrollment is desired, the senior citizen must have (1) reached the age of sixty and (2) had legal domicile in Virginia for at least one year.

A senior citizen is entitled to enroll and pay no tuition on a space-available basis for the following types of courses:

  1. Credit courses – if annual taxable individual income did not exceed $23,850 for Virginia income tax purposes for the previous year. (Must provide a copy of the current Virginia state income tax return)
  2. Credit courses for audit (receive no credit) — eligible regardless of income.
  3. Non-credit courses – eligible regardless of income.

To enroll in credit courses go to the Admissions and Records Office on either campus. Please note that senior citizens may not register until the first day of the class. However, senior citizens who have completed seventy-five percent of degree requirements, may enroll at the same time as tuition-paying students.


  • Senior citizens must submit an application for admission to RCC.
  • Tuition-paying students are accommodated in courses before senior citizens participating in this program are enrolled.
  • If qualified, senior citizens shall pay no tuition or fees for courses, except fees established for the purpose of paying for course materials, such as laboratory fees.
  • If a senior citizen applies for free tuition after they register and pay for a class, they are not eligible for a refund for that class.
  • The College reserves the right to cancel any class.
  • Audit and non-credit enrollment is limited to three courses per semester.