Veterans Tuition Assistance Program

In addition to regular monthly benefits, the VA will also pay for tuition assistance for qualified students. Contact the RCC Cashier located in the College Business Office to inquire regarding Tuition Assistance.

Veterans Benefits and Standards of Progress
Students using veteran’s educational benefits must enroll only in Veterans’ Administration approved curricula and may only take required prerequisites and courses for the curriculum in which they are officially enrolled. All courses must be taken for credit. Audited courses cannot be taken using VA benefits. Students who take courses which are not required by the curriculum in which they are enrolled must reimburse the Veteran’s Administration for benefits received for those courses. Students inquiring about using Veterans Benefits should contact the Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs Officer at RCC to ensure appropriate paperwork has been received.

A curriculum change can be made so long as no significant loss of credit occurs.

To remain eligible for VA educational benefits, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress. A student who is placed on academic suspension or dismissal will be reported to the VA as making unsatisfactory progress. Rappahannock Community College grading policies will be used to determine whether veterans are maintaining satisfactory progress. The Veterans Affairs Office will also report to the Veterans Administration as soon as possible any change in the status of veterans, whether that be a change of curriculum, reduction or increase in course load or withdrawal.