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Apply for Financial Aid!

Complete the FAFSA for 18/19 & 19/20, priority deadline is April 15.

Our Financial Aid team is here to help you make sense of the various programs that can help you pay for your education at Rappahannock Community College.  We offer a variety of financial aid programs for students who qualify; this aid is funded through federal and state agencies, local organizations, businesses, individuals, and the college.

How-To Videos for Financial Aid. Helpful videos to help you navigate financial aid. Click here.

Summer Financial Aid

For Summer 2019 aid, Rappahannock uses the same FAFSA data you completed for the fall and/or spring semesters and RCC requires an additional summer application), or with any financial aid representative. The deadline for the RCC summer financial aid application is May 15.

Three basic types of aid:

Each path is different; be sure to consult a member of the Financial Aid team for more information.

We support our military veterans, who are returning to school after service to our nation. Shannon Turner is your Veterans’ Affairs Officer and she works directly with the incoming veterans.

Office hours are: Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm

Financial Aid & Scholarship Recipients

Financial Aid & Scholarship Recipients

You may begin to charge books and/or supplies at the RCC Bookstore from January 6 through January 26. There is no exception to the bookstore charge dates.

  • Please be aware not all financial aid students are eligible to use financial aid in the bookstore. If eligible to charge books and supplies to financial aid, you must present to the bookstore a copy of your class schedule, your Student ID number and a pictured ID.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Financial Aid Department.

View Financial Aid Award in SIS

View Financial Aid Award in SIS

To view your Financial Aid Award(s) based on actual enrollment:

  • Log in to your myRCC account. You will need your RCC username and password to gain access.
  • Click on “VCCS SIS: Student Information Center”.
  • Click on “Student Center”.
  • Click on the “user preferences” link, located mid-page in the “Finances” section. Click on the “Security” tab and update Institution to “Rappahannock Community College,”set Academic Plan to “Credit,” then click ‘Save.”
  • Click on “Student Center,”click on “Apply for payment plan,” then select “Click here to see pending financial aid based on actual enrollment”.

This award offer may change depending on final federal and state funding decisions and your final enrollment. If you are not enrolled as a full-time student (12 credits or more in a semester), your financial aid award will be adjusted according to your actual enrollment. Receipt of award is contingent upon class attendance, compliance with Satisfactory Progress Standards, and availability of funds.

How-To Videos for Financial Aid

How-To Videos for Financial Aid

Learn all about your Financial Aid options with Financial Aid TV, a free service provided to you by RCC.

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IMPORTANT PARENT NOTICE: If you are a parent calling to inquire about specific account information for your son or daughter, please have them on the line with you. If this is not possible, we will be able to speak about general information or processes only. Since educational records are protected from third-party disclosure by federal law, if it becomes necessary to get into account specific details we will be pleased to refer you to a specialist that can determine if information can be released. Referrals are typically responded to within 1 – 3 business days.