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Now Accepting Graduation Applications for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Apply for Graduation through myRCC Portal using the Student Information System-SIS - Fall Graduation deadline is November 15, 2021 - Spring Graduation deadline is March 15, 2022

All new students must complete and submit an application for admission:

  • Complete the Application for Admission [PDF] and mail or fax to the Admissions and Records office on either campus or
  • Complete the application for admission in the Admissions and Records office on either campus

Students who have not taken a credit class during the last three years must reapply for admission to RCC. A person who applies for admission but does not enroll in classes within one year (three consecutive terms) is required to reapply.

Request Transcripts and Official Records
Request official transcripts from your high school and previous colleges you have attended. If you received a GED you may provide us with a copy of your GED scores. Transcripts are required for students entering the Associate Degree in Nursing program or the Practical Nursing program.

At RCC, opportunities for obtaining college credits are available through Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES), military service, and the police academy. It is the student’s responsibility to have official records submitted to RCC for evaluation.

Tuition payment is due by the deferred payment deadline or at the time of registration unless you have chosen to use the TMS Tuition Payment Plan. You may pay tuition by cash, money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, QuickPay, or Financial Aid.

Tuition is required for credit courses, developmental courses, and courses being audited. Payment entitles you to use the library, bookstore, student lounge, and other facilities of the college.

Tuition Receipt and Student Class Schedule
Students get a Web Payment Confirmation and a copy of registration schedule by using myRCC.

Students must go to the business office on either campus to get a receipt when registering in person on campus. The Business Offices cannot reprint the Web Payment Confirmation. Remember to check your receipt for any errors. Make sure you are registered for the proper courses on the correct days, times, and campus locations.

RCC offers the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), a VCCS approved placement test that provides consistent and reliable assessment results for students applying to enroll in associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs and in courses that require an English or math prerequisite. This test is designed to help place students into appropriate courses needed to ensure student success.

The test has two parts, English and math. The English part of the test consists of an essay and 30 multiple choice questions. The math part of the test consists of questions and multiple choice answers. An online calculator is provided. Students are encouraged to use the review materials and take the practice tests first to prepare and do as well as possible.

Allow approximately two to three hours for each part of the test. You are allowed and encouraged to take a break in-between tests to ensure that you do your best work. Students may contact Student Development (804-758-6730) or call 855-557-5308 to schedule an appointment for testing. There is a $5 fee to take the placement test.

For information on alternative placement test option please see the placement policy in the Catalog. All test scores are valid for 5 years.

Meet with a college counselor who will assist you with course selection. A current class schedule and college catalog is needed to plan your schedule. Class times and locations for both campuses are listed in the class schedule, which is available approximately two months before the beginning of each semester.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the welcome center on either campus to determine what assistance and accommodations are available for you:

Call 804-333-6740

Register for Classes
Class times and locations are listed in the class schedule. The class schedule includes instructions for registration. Check the current class schedule for dates and times of registration. Then use myRCC to register.


Students must submit an application for graduation to the Admissions and Records Office by the published due date. Students should consult with their academic advisor prior to submitting the graduation application. Graduation applications may be obtained online or from the Admissions and Records Office.

Application Due Dates:
Summer – June 30
Fall – October 29
Spring – January 30

Students may elect to graduate in accordance with the degree requirements as recorded in the catalog that is current at the time of their first registration or any subsequent edition, except that any catalog chosen must not be more than six years old. Students must notify the Admissions and Records Office of their catalog choice prior to applying for graduation.

  • Associate Degree Requirements
  • Certificate Requirements
  • Career Studies Certificate Requirements

Physical Education Requirements
The physical education requirements for the degree and certificate programs may be waived for veterans, and the college may substitute other credits to satisfy the total credit requirement of the veteran’s curriculum.

Second Degree or Certificate
In awarding students an additional degree or certificate, the college may grant credit for all previously completed applicable courses which are requirements of the additional degree or certificate. However, the awards must differ from one another by at least 25% of the credits.

Graduation Honors
A student who has fulfilled the requirements for graduation is eligible for graduation honors. Honors are based on overall scholastic achievements and are recorded on the student’s transcript as follows:

3.2 Cum laude (with honor)
3.5 Magna cum laude (with high honor)
3.8 Summa cum laude (with highest honor)

Outcomes and Assessments
Students may be required to complete test­ing, survey, questionnaire or other assessment activities designed to measure general educa­tion achievement and/or achievement in se­lected major areas prior to graduation, for the purpose of evaluation of academic programs. No minimum score or level of achievement is required for graduation. Assessment results will remain confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of im­provement of the College.

Rappahannock Community College has one formal commencement ceremony each year for students completing curricula. All graduates are expected to participate in this formal commencement.

Duplicate Diploma Requests
To obtain a duplicate diploma, please complete the Duplicate Diploma Request Form and submit to the Admissions and Records Office on either campus. There is a $10 fee for each duplicate diploma requested.

Contact Admissions & Records

The Admissions and Records Office admits students to RCC, registers students for classes, maintains students’ academic records, provides transcripts and ensures certification of graduation requirements.

Call: 804-333-6740
Email: records@rappahannock.edu
Text: 540-455-1735

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Glenns Fax: 804-758-2007

Warsaw Fax: 804-333-3197

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Admissions will be available until 6:00 pm the first week of the semester)

Financial Aid Helpline: Call 804-758-6734 for immediate financial aid assistance

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