VPT Placement Scores

A placement test in reading/writing and one in math is required before beginning classes. The Virginia Placement Test (VPT) has two components, English and Mathematics. The VPT will assess your ability in math, reading, and writing. The VPT is a comprehensive, computer-adaptive test designed to help place students into appropriate courses needed to ensure student success.

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VPT Math

The Virginia Placement Test – Mathematics is for initial placement in mathematics. Students placing into developmental math will be required to take only those modules that are pre-requisites for the math course required in their curriculum plan (see chart below for math courses taught at RCC).

Prefix Course Title Prerequisite Developmental Modules
MTH 126 Math for Health Technologies Units 1 – 3
MTH 146 Intro to Elem Statistics Units 1 – 5
MTH 170 Foundations in Contemporary Mathematics Units 1 – 5
MTH 163 Precalculus Units 1 – 9
Special Program Requirements
Associate Degree Nursing (RN) Units 1-3 if student places into developmental math. Units 4 & 5 strongly recommended if student intends to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at a future time.
Practical Nursing (PN) Units 1-3 if student places into developmental math


VPT English

The Virginia Placement Test-English is for initial placement into English and assesses both reading and writing in an integrated combination of questions and an essay. Students must place into ENF-3/ENG 111 or ENG 111 to enroll in transfer courses applicable to the Associate of Arts and Science Transfer Degree and specializations, and to Associate of Applied Science degrees.

Students must place into ENF-2 to enroll in career and technical courses applicable to certificates and career studies certificate programs.