Transfer Information

One of the best things about coming to Rappahannock Community College is the ability to easily jump over to a four-year institution. Our GAAs, or Guaranteed Admission Agreements, make it possible for you to finish your associate degree — then continue your education with a number of schools in Virginia and beyond.

RCC Transfer Programs
Transfer Credits

How do I transfer my credits to another institution?
Send official transcripts from all colleges previously attended before transferring to the university of choice. When the school receives transcripts, they evaluate the credits, and where able, count them toward the degree.

The Successful Transfer

What can I do to ensure a successful transfer?
It’s never too early to begin planning. Your decisions and commitment to a specific program and university impact the success of the credits. The longer you wait to make a decision, the more you risk delaying degree completion. We recommend the following:

  • By the time you have earned 15 credits — declare your intent to transfer
  • By the time you are mid-way through your academic program — declare your major and university
When to begin

When do I transfer?
All of the Guaranteed Admissions Agreements require that students complete a transfer associate degree in order to be eligible for the benefits that the Agreement provides.

Planning your transfer to a Four-Year University

Counselors and faculty advisors are available to help students plan for transferring to another college, and they have current information about agreements that can assist in the process. They can help weigh factors for making transfer choices (admissions standards, school size, application deadlines, etc.).

One item to note — the most important contact for getting detail on transfer is the transfer officer at the four-year college or university. Contact with the transfer officer should be made early in your academic career here at RCC to make sure that you’re on the right path for transfer.  Each year, RCC holds a “transfer day” in the Fall semester. Members from many colleges and universities visit RCC to answer questions.