Steps for Dual Enrollment

Rappahannock Community College (RCC) has dual enrollment agreements with local public school systems to offer college-level courses that can be taken at the high school location. Dual enrollment programs are voluntary and enable students to take community college courses while enrolled in high school and provide college level educational opportunities not otherwise available. Students who have previously taken dual enrollment classes do not need to apply for admission. Students should follow the 5 Steps for Dual Enrollment listed below.

Step One: Meet with your school counselor to determine if Dual Enrollment is right for you

Dual enrollment courses are typically listed in the high school’s program of study that are made available prior to registration for the next academic year.  Students should discuss their interest in dual enrollment courses with their school counselor.  Students must obtain permission from their high school to enroll in the dual enrollment program or to take a course outside of high school through RCC.

Step Two: Dual Enrollment (DE) Application

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Getting Ready to Graduate High School

Are you considering starting your college career at RCC? If you plan to enroll in a degree or certificate program, follow admissions steps for New Curricular Students.

High School Students

High school students should pick up a DE application from their school counseling office. A parent is required to complete and sign this application. 

High School Students taking courses outside of high school through RCC

High school juniors and seniors may be permitted to enroll in college level courses prior to graduating from high school.  In addition, students at the freshman and sophomore level must have permission from the college president prior to enrolling. The High School Permission Form must be signed by the principal for each requested semester. Remember, the DE application must be completed and the placement tests done prior to signing up for courses.

Homeschooled High School Students
High school juniors and seniors may be permitted to enroll in college-level courses prior to graduating from high school. Exceptions may be considered for freshmen and sophomore students interested in attending RCC. These exceptions will be treated on a case by case basis and require the approval of the college president. Students requesting this exception should contact the Admissions and Records office prior to the start of the semester.

Home school students must also provide a copy of a home school agreement approved by the school district or a letter from the local school board or a copy of the letter filed by the parent/legal guardian declaring home school for religious exemption. Documentation of parental permission is required for all dual enrollment students.

All homeschooled high school students should contact Admissions and Records for more information at 804-333-6740 (Warsaw campus) or 804-758-6742 (Glenns campus).

Step Three: Submit DE application

Students must submit the completed and signed DE application to their school counselor. The application requires a parent signature, students must obtain a parent’s signature prior to submission. Until the application is completed and received by the college, students are not eligible to take the RCC placement test, nor are they eligible to enroll in college classes. Once the RCC processes this form, the student will receive a RCC Student ID (Empl ID).

Step Four: Placement Testing

Students must take the college placement test (Virginia Placement Test (VPT)) administered at the high school, or at one of the RCC testing centers, or submit qualifying PSAT, SAT or ACT scores. The placement test is required to determine if you are eligible for the dual enrollment program. You are required to have your RCC student ID# to take the placement test. Students must complete Steps 2 and 3 in order to generate their RCC student ID # prior to taking the placement test.

Students are strongly encouraged to review/prepare prior to taking the placement test. Below are resources to help you prepare for the VPT:

Step Five: Register

Registration for classes is done through your high school. The school counseling office will register students for the high school DE classes for which they have qualified, being taught at the high school location. Check with the school counselor for deadlines for submission of paperwork, testing, and tuition payment, if applicable.

For questions regarding tuition amount and payment deadline, course content, or qualifications for taking DE classes please contact your school counseling office.

After discussing with the school counselor, students may contact the DE Department at RCC, if they still have questions.  High school students planning to complete a degree or certificate prior to high school graduation should contact Mr. Hutt Williams prior to the registration period for the next semester.

Contact information for RCC’s DE Advisor:
804-333-6744 or cell 804-445-5068

Admission Criteria

All students admitted under this section must demonstrate readiness for college: