Steps for Dual Enrollment

Step One: Meet with your High School Navigator or School Counselor to determine if Dual Enrollment is right for you

Dual enrollment courses are typically listed in the high school’s program of study that are made available prior to registration for the next academic year.  Students should discuss their interest in dual enrollment courses with their high school navigator or school counselor.  Students must obtain permission from their high school to enroll in dual enrollment courses or to take full a tuition course outside of high school through RCC.

Step Two: Complete the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Online Application

Students must submit an application for admission by the high school’s deadline. (  The high school navigator can assist during the application process.

Students who have dual enrollment in another VCCS college or plan to dual enroll in two colleges will need a separate application for each college. 

Upon completing the application, students will receive a 7-digit student ID number and their myRCC username and temporary password, which will need to be changed following the directions in Step Three.  Please write down your ID number down for future reference. Until the application is completed and received by the college, students are not eligible to enroll in college classes.

Student must complete the Dual Enrollment Consent Form (Parent Signature Form) or before being enrolled in DE courses.

Step Three: myRCC and Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Log into myRCC – with your username and temporary password received after completing the online application. Students will be prompted to change their password. Starting on February 28, 2022, accessing your myRCC account will require a two-step verification process that will include entering your username and password plus a second method to verify your identity called Multifactor Authentication (MFA); which will make your account more secure. Follow these instructions for setting up MFA for Dual Enrollment students

Step Four: Demonstrate Readiness

Students must demonstrate readiness for each college-level credit-bearing course in which they want to enroll. High school students are not eligible to enroll in developmental or direct placement co-requisite English and Math courses. In demonstrating readiness, students can meet this requirement with their high school GPA as determined by the high school navigator or the dual enrollment department.  Other ways to meet this requirement can be done by taking the college placement test (Virginia Placement Test (VPT)) administered at the high school or with a qualifying PSAT, SAT or ACT scores as determined by the high school navigator or the dual enrollment department.

Step Five: Submit the tuition payment (if required)

The high school will collect DE tuition at the beginning of each semester. Check with the high school for the DE tuition rate and payment due date. Students who do not submit tuition by the deadline will be dropped from their DE class(es).

Step Six: Register

Registration for classes is done through your high school. The school counseling office will register students for the high school DE classes for which they have qualified, being taught at the high school location. Check with the school counselor for deadlines for submission of paperwork, testing, and tuition payment, if applicable. The high school counselor will then submit the list of high school students for registration for college credit to RCC.

Student responsibilities is to meet all of the prerequisite deadlines.

Step Seven: Complete the New Student Orientation

Visit to set up a personal account. Here you can access the New Student Orientation (NSO), the Online Learning Orientation (OLO), and a variety of student success workshops. You are strongly encouraged to watch a special section on Dual Enrollment that appears in the NSO.

For questions regarding tuition amount and payment deadline, course content, or qualifications for taking DE classes please contact your high school navigator or school counseling office.

After discussing with the high school navigator or school counselor, students may contact the Dual Enrollment Department at RCC, if they still have questions.  High school students planning to complete a degree or certificate prior to high school graduation should contact their high school navigator prior to the registration period for the next semester.

Contact information for RCC’s Coordinator of Dual Enrollment Hutt Williams:
804-333-6744 or cell 804-445-5068

Admission Criteria

All students admitted under this section must demonstrate readiness for college:

Home School students click here for more information about enrolling in RCC courses – Admissions Policies