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Culinary Arts

The purpose of our Culinary Arts Career Studies Certificate is to provide a foundation in food production and the culinary arts field. There is continued demand for qualified cooks and food service managers within the restaurant industry, one of the major employers in the College’s service region.

This program will give students technical education in culinary arts and food service management, which will prepare them to be competent and confident professionals ready to enter and be successful in the industry. Students who wish to transfer to a degree program are encouraged to take the necessary general education courses in addition to completing the program content.

Program Information

Program Requirements:

  • Maintain professionalism in both course and restaurant settings, especially in attitude and responsibility. If this is not maintained, termination from the program can result.
  • Acquire and maintain uniforms and equipment. These items are required and are the responsibility of the student. Instructor will provide specific information at the start of the program.
  • The College does not assume responsibility for accidents/incidents which may occur in instructional kitchen or restaurant settings, nor does it provide any student health services. The student assumes financial responsibility for accidents/incidents requiring medical attention.
  • Students are required to earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the curriculum to be awarded the Career Studies Certificate in Culinary Arts.

Program Progression:

  • The lab (kitchen) portions of the program will be taught at off-campus sites. Sites currently used are the Kilmarnock Center and various other off-campus sites (spring semester). Any changes in location will be announced by the program head.
  • Attendance is critical. Absences will be excused only in extraordinary circumstances. Students who arrive late twice may be dismissed from the program. Students who are absent once may be dismissed from the program. Any circumstances affecting attendance must be discussed with the program head.
  • Students who satisfactorily complete the program are eligible for externships in regional restaurants. Students will arrange their externships individually with the program head.


Applicants must meet general admission requirements of the college.

Culinary Arts Curriculum
# Title Lecture Lab Credit
HRI 115 Food Service Managers Sanitation Certification 1 0 1
HRI 106 Principles of Culinary Arts I 2 3 3
HRI 218 Fruit, Vegetable, and Starch Preparation 2 3 3
HRI 145 Garde Manger 2 3 3
HRI 134 Food and Beverage Service Management 2 3 3
HRI 128 Principles of Baking 2 3 3
Total 11 15 16

Total Minimum Credits: 16


Among the opportunities for employment for those who complete the certificate are prepared for the following positions: Broiler Cook, Fry/Sauté Cook, Pantry Cook, Soup and Sauce Cook, and Vegetable Cook.


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