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To make the most of your collegiate experience, sometimes you need a little advice now and then. We understand that, and at Rappahannock Community College, we have a full staff of highly trained professionals here to help get you on the right path with a variety of topics, such as:

Students who are experiencing academic difficulty may request a tutor through the Student Development office. The RCC student development staff will evaluate a student’s course grades and attendance, previous efforts to obtain assistance from the course instructor and available online resources, and the availability of tutors who have the skills and training to provide assistance. Also, the student requesting a tutor will be expected to have scheduling flexibility in order to match with the tutor’s availability.

Net Tutor
RCC students now have online access to tutoring services through NetTutor. Students will be guided by online tutors in Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Developmental Math, or English 111 & 112. Try out the getting started guide for assistance. For more information, please contact Lorraine A. Justice at 804-333-6737.

Student Success Coaches
The VCCS Chancellor’s College Success Coach Initiative is designed to serve Pell eligible and first-generation college students. The program, Success Achievers at RCC, employs student services professionals who provide participants with needed encouragement, connection to resources, and collaboration with faculty to assist students to achieve their goal of earning a degree or certificate. Coaches are located at the Glenns and Warsaw campuses, but are available to serve students at all locations.

Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities who need accommodations to fully participate in the programs and services offered by RCC are encouraged to meet with a counselor. To be eligible for accommodations, students must submit documentation from a doctor or other professional. Services are provided based on each student’s individual needs. For complete details on our accommodations for students with disabilities, please see our RCC Catalog and Student Handbook.

If you might be dealing with depression or another mental health issue, a screening will help you to better understand your state of mind and whether it might be in your interest to seek further help. We are currently offering screenings.

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