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Strategic Priorities and Action Items

College Mission
Rappahannock Community College provides access to high quality educational experiences for members of its community, preparing them for success as learners, employees, and citizens of the 21st Century.

•  Download the Strategic Priorities Action Plan [PDF]

Student Success. Improve student access, persistence to graduation, transfer rates and success, and preparation for careers.

•  Increasing full time program enrolled student participation
•  Improving pathway programs with high schools
•  Growing the number of students earning Career Readiness Certificates and other workplace credentials
•  Enhancing developmental education instruction and support
•  Improving articulated programs with university partners
•  Using student outcomes and other data to make improvements
•  Assuring good student advising for academic programs and careers
•  Creating appropriate instructional activities that challenge and engage students
•  Providing adequate resources to support the First Year Experience
•  Reducing financial barriers by minimizing student costs, and increasing financial aid availability and information
•  Continuing to provide quality instruction in all delivery modes
•  Developing a quality assurance plan for asynchronous learning

Communication. Strengthen communication between all levels, internally and externally, capitalizing on the RCC First Year Experience project.

•  Improving communication with students by using information from the First Year Experience project
•  Implementing a comprehensive college marketing plan
•  Improving frequency and reach of communication for internal and external audiences
•  Creating two opportunities each year for college-wide gatherings
•  Improving feedback concerning governance and other committee recommendations

Curriculum. Cultivate dynamic, high quality academic and workforce programs.

•  Creating more, relevant, short duration occupational programs
•  Integrating more on the job training, apprenticeship, internship, and cooperative learning opportunities
•  Maintaining a variety of courses
•  Expanding the Honors program
•  Expanding facilities, technology, and equipment to meet program-specific needs
•  Adding national professional accreditation for associate degree nursing and other programs
•  Improving placement and developmental studies programs

Faculty and Staff. Utilize high quality recruitment, and retention practices, emphasizing professional development, leadership development, retraining, and retooling for RCC employees.

•  Reviewing and revising existing recruitment, hiring, and employee retention processes
•  Making more available information about the multiple funding opportunities for professional development
•  Recreating and implementing an official mentoring system for new employees
•  Asserting a need for diversity in the RCC workplace
•  Increasing pedagogy training
•  Improving adjunct recruitment and assimilation in the college community
•  Defining and implementing a leadership development program

Facilities and Student Activities. Expand and effectively support student activities and commons facilities.

•  Developing Student Commons facilities at both campuses
•  Increasing student gathering and learning spaces throughout the campus
•  Expanding student clubs, sports, and activities. Provide opportunities for cross-campus student activities, especially for student leaders
•  Developing additional athletic facilities on both campuses

College and Student Resources. Properly staff operations and student support functions. Continue to expand Educational Foundation and grant funds to support college needs.

•  Filling existing full time faculty slots and expanding to meet student enrollment needs
•  Assuring support staffing is adequate to support increased student enrollment and learning needs
•  Eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy where possible within the organization to gain employee efficiency and effectiveness
•  Pursuing additional private and grant funds to support college instructional needs
•  Assuring that satellite centers in King George and Kilmarnock are productive and effective
•  Securing funds to maintain high quality technology and equipment infrastructure

Community. Expand partnerships with, presence throughout, and services to the community.

•  Strengthening relationships with local K-12 school personnel
•  Expanding a satellite location to Kilmarnock
•  Strengthening the King George site
•  Enhancing university partners on campus
•  Strengthening RCC’s economic development role in the region
•  Promoting social and cultural services to the community

Safety, Security, and Preparedness. Assure that the college community practices strong student and employee safety, security, and preparedness measures.

•  Improving college physical and information security and safety awareness for employees and students
•  Enhancing the security guard presence on both campuses

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