Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning, a key component of institutional effectiveness at RCC, is facilitated by the President’s Planning and Effectiveness Council (PPEC) (formerly known as PPAC).  PPEC serves in an advisory role to the president, and its members are chosen from the staff, faculty, administration, and students.  It meets at least four times in an academic year.  Minutes of the meetings are posted in iRCC, the college’s intranet.

RCC has a four-year strategic plan. The Strategic Priorities result from wide input from the college community, as described in the president’s letter.  After reviewing college-wide data, the college, through PPEC, develops a Strategic Planning timeline and begins to articulate its Assumptions and SWOT.  PPEC assimilates comments and suggestions from the SWOT in Strategic Priorities.

The President’s Goals and annual unit plans are derived from the Strategic Priorities.  Governance Committee charges from the president reflect action on the Strategic Priorities. PPEC guides college-wide discussion and implementation of activities to facilitate achievement of Strategic Priorities in the RCC Strategic Plan.