Greg and Corndog

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Paramedic Students Learn to Read EKGs Online

reading EKGs

Paramedic Students Learn to Read EKGs Online

Rappahannock Community College’s EMS instructor Ellen Vest’s EMS 141 class, ALS Cardiac Care, is meeting online from 9 to 11 am on Wednesdays to work through the challenge of learning how to read cardiac EKGs.

The other part of the class deals with cardiac emergencies and the five students are completing assignments offline to meet the objectives of the class.

These students are continuing into the second year of paramedic while some of the other students attending classes to this point are testing at Advanced EMT, hoping to gain some work experience before returning next year to move forward to paramedic. Email Ellen Vest at or call 804-758-6777 to learn more.


Getting to Know Each Other Better

janet little and zelda

Janet Little and Zelda

“I had a great meeting via Zoom with my ENG (English) 112 night class this week,” says RCC English instructor, Janet Little.

“These are my King George students and our class was originally a Tuesday night class. I taught most of these students in ENG 111 and now we are together in 112.

We are pretty comfortable with each other at this point, and that really helped with being comfortable using Zoom as well.

We got to meet one of my students, Greg Laich‘s pet cat, Corndog, and the class got to meet my cats: Nick, Claude and Zelda. It added a fun touch to the school business we needed to cover.

Greg and Corndog

Greg and Corndog

Ultimately, I think the point here is that Zoom gives us a chance to get to know each other a little better and relate to everyone on a human level, even with something as simple as, ‘hey, we all have pets!’”

Thank you, Janet, and all RCC students, and best wishes for you all as you continue on your journeys.

And, good job, Zelda (pictured with Janet), we appreciate you helping us out!


RCC Tech Services Make It Happen!


Larry Olsen

All six of Larry Olsen‘s students joined his Phlebotomy Class lecture on Zoom last night.

“It was great to touch base with them and they all seemed to be feeling good even with the class being online,” Larry says.

“Thank you, Kathy Fife, for helping me get started with Zoom. I only needed my daughter’s help a couple of times. Know that it will get easier the more I use it. All stay well.” — Larry O

Thank you, too, Larry, and all Rappahannock Community College students! Keep up the good work!


Lets Meet the Pets!

Amber Dinquel

Amber Dinquel


Ashton and his dog

On Thursday, March 19, Rappahannock Community College English instructor Amber Dinquel held her first Zoom (online video-conferencing) session with her ENG 112 class.

Before they got down to business, several students — and Amber — invited their pets to share the screen and show what it is like working and learning at home with them.

“It was a nice way to connect with my students in the time of uncertainty,” Amber says.

Pictured: Student Ashton McEacharn and his dog and Amber Dinquel with Pippy.

Psychology and Online Learning

alice rock

Alice Rock and Bossy Bella

Alice Rock, Rappahannock Community College Psychology professor, describes her experience moving her traditional class online as an exciting challenge.

“I’m looking at my expanding tech skills as a wonderful brain exercise. I am surprised at how empowering it is. I have really enjoyed interacting with RCC students with Zoom. We spent a bit of time bringing pets in front of the Zoom camera to much oohs and aaahs. The students I have been working with seem to be pretty upbeat. We always begin by doing a “how are you doing?”

I encourage them to interact with each other to study and discuss things and also to forge new friendships. The field of Psychology is concerned with what makes people tick and how to help people in a healthy and happy way. I try to teach in an experiential way when I can.”

Keepin’ It Fun

gaskins 1gaskins2gaskins3gaskins 4“Here are a few little things that I feel are positive outcomes in a virtual college space – nothing big, just simple stuff that is making students feel at ease,” RCC’s College Success Coach, Linda Gaskins says.  “In order to keep things interesting, every day, I post a different virtual background when people log in to my Zoom classroom or advising sessions.  It keeps things creative and fun!  Also, the other day, one of my Success Coaching students commented (while sharing her screen with me for help on a paper), that these virtual meetings made her feel at ease — just as if we were on campus.  She liked that! #keeplearningfun.” You can contact Linda Gaskins at or 804-333-6733.

Thank you, Linda, for keeping it fun and helping our students succeed.

Crystal Clear

Tuckey“I would like to say that Prof. Lisa Tuckey has walked us through this very rough change over very well. Not only that, but this particular class (Bio 142: Anatomy & Physiology II) is difficult on its own! If it hadn’t been for Prof. Tuckey and her knowledge, I’m sure I would be failing this class, but I’m not! She has walked us through everything. She has been crystal clear in her directions and to be even more sure it’s clear she provided a video on how to use the bells and whistles that come with our textbook. She has been quick to answer emails and her phone.  Also, one thing I have found helpful is that she updates the calendar with topics and due dates.” — Lisa
Thank you, Lisa & Lisa! 

ruth greeneRuth Greene’s Public Speaking (CST 100) class is a stellar example of how well Zoom (video-conferencing) works for online education.

For one student, it has not been easy. Her classmates stepped up and offered great stories of encouragement, practical activities to help one another stay focused and more. One noted how she rarely chooses online courses because of the lack of face-to-face accountability and interaction. 

However, some of these students noted how they don’t normally talk in class — but through Zoom — they are now speaking and sharing more.

Additionally, we determined the need for a place to simply vent and share, with folks you can trust. Our class is small, so trust has been built quickly. This resulted in a decision to create a virtual student lounge in the discussion board area.

The students committed to step up and offer encouragement to their classmates. “It was so humbling to hear how our course has become such an important part of their stability in this time of chaos,” Ruth says. “Granted, we began developing this community from day one. It surely made the transition easier, or so said the students.”

Ruth adds, “The best part for me was to hear how our course is an effective learning/engagement face-to-face alternative. Yes, I know that is an exaggeration, but still nice to hear such passion! The sharing was a huge lift for the students — and for myself, as well.”

tracey jonesTracey Jones, a student in Ruth’s Public Speaking class adds her voice: “My Public Speaking class with Mrs. Greene is hands down one of the best classes I have taken at RCC.

As the ‘oldest’ member of the group, I feel almost like a ‘mom’ towards my classmates. Each one has brought new rewards to my personal and academic life.

Rebecca — who wants to be a teacher — I refer to her as the ‘coach.’ Rebecca motivates us with pep talks and helps keep us on the learning pathway. Her future students will be lucky to have her as a teacher! 

Eric — who is shy, but super-smart.

Daniel — our resident anime guru.

Maria — who always brings smiles to our faces.

Janae — the quietest of our group; she helps to balance those of us who aren’t. 

Diamonta — who gives great feedback and works while going to school.

Emma — our high school student, who is wise beyond her years and brings a bit of her culture to share with us every time she speaks. 

Karianne — a new mom, who is juggling school and a precious baby boy.

Each member of our class brings a skill set that each of us needs. I had worried that going to an on-line forum would impact us in a negative way. That maybe our connections were just in ‘seeing each other every week. Thankfully, this has turned out not to be the case. We continue to support and assist each other through the Zoom sessions each week. It is almost like we still are meeting in person.

Mrs. Greene is our glue. She helps us stick to the plan while allowing us to remain as individuals. She guides and instructs us while helping us reach our full potential. I can honestly say I will be sad when this class ends. 

All of my classmates have become special and important to me. I know each one of them will achieve great things. I wish them the best and thank them for enriching my life.”

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Kari Conway

TKari Conwayhis year marks the 50th Anniversary of Rappahannock Community College. RCC graduates form the backbone of our local economy—our healthcare providers, bankers, lawyers, small business owners and trades-people. It’s hard to go through your day without being served by an RCC alum is some way. RCC’s Faces of 50 spotlights our alum, like Kari Conway.

Kari Conway says that attending Rappahannock Community College offered her a very useful window of time to figure things out. Conway started taking college courses as a dual-enrollment student in high school so she was ahead of the game when she became a full-time student at RCC after high school. But she was still unsure of what to focus on as her major area of study.

Attending RCC was “a great way to transition to adult life, learn better time management and how to study,” says Conway. “It gives a young person a chance to grow up and become your own person; to slowly transition so that college life isn’t such a culture shock.”

Without the local community college Conway says she would have gone directly to a four-year college but that RCC was the much less expensive route, and since she was paying for it herself, this was a significant deciding factor.

Along with the affordability of RCC, Conway looks back with satisfaction, knowing she took full advantage of excellent local classes and professors. Music Appreciation with Bob Ford, History Appreciation with Olga Nosova, and Public Speaking with Dr. Tommy Neuman are stand-outs.

After RCC, Conway earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. Today she is using her degree and mad math skills as a Credit Officer and Senior Credit Analyst at Virginia Commonwealth Bank in Kilmarnock where she has been for the past 7 years.

“Math was always my strongest subject,” says Conway.