Success Stories!

DeLois:  Only 10 more points to go!

DeLois: Only 10 more points to go!

Sharon Bailey moves in toward her goal!

Sharon Bailey moves in toward her goal!

These stories are about REAL GED successes.  You may become inspired to become a GED graduate by reading them!

How long does it take to turn your life around and start doing what it is you really want to do?  How hard is it to overcome your fears and self doubts, and begin to face the difficulties that make you want to run in the opposite direction?  For the answers to these tough questions, you could ask Nedra Ferguson, a lady who has taken control of her life and done just those things. 

In less than a year, Nedra went from lacking high school credentials to earning her GED, thanks to all the hard work she put in at Rappahannock Community College’s Adult Education Program.  Though she struggled mightily with the mathematics portion, she persisted and overcame the tough barrier that many are so afraid to tackle.  Simultaneous to this great achievement, Nedra also took the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Course offered at RCC, which she completed with high marks.    Her success helped her to get a job in the nursing field where she is now using what she learned in her CNA classes. Nedra’s next goal is to get her LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), something she is starting this week, and finally her RN (Registered Nurse).  The friendly staff at Rappahannock Community College are assisting her with this as well.

And what a changed woman she is now!  Her academic successes have been accompanied by a refreshment of her own personal beauty and attraction; another good reason for everyone to get out there and fulfill their dreams!  Not only do you get happier, and smarter, you look better, too!  So don’t be afraid; let Nedra act as an example of what you yourself are capable of accomplishing! 

Saunders proves that dedication pays off

GED graduate William Saunders

Recent GED graduate William Saunders is a self-made man.  Before deciding to finish his high school credential, he developed his own business in the construction and home improvement field.  Not content with that achievement, William went back to school to get a captain’s license to operate a charter fishing boat.  William is the kind of guy who takes the bull by the horns and gets the job done, yet he put off getting his GED until later in life.  When he did make the decision to earn his educational credential, William attended classes regularly and discovered that, with a little work, he could finally say, “I am a graduate!”

Scholarship winner pursues GED and CNA

GED graduate Gwen Wilson

Gwen Wilson joined the Northern Neck Adult Education Program in June 2009. She sought to earn her GED after having been laid off from a job she’d held for almost 19 years, where she had reached an assistant supervisory level. Her goal of earning her GED diploma will be realized in September. In January 2010, Gwen also started a Certified Nursing Assistant certification program through the Virginia Employment Commission and Rappahannock Community College. She has had a full schedule with her dual studies and also plans to become a state-certified CNA within the month. Gwen’s hard work and positive characteristics led to her being one of two state-wide recipients of the 2010 Ida J. Hall Scholarship that provided $1,000 toward her education expenses.

Student works hard to achieve goals

GED graduate R.W. Kellum

R.W. Kellum, a student in Rappahannock Community College’s Adult Education Lancaster County class, has been doing some amazing things lately.  Besides achieving high scores on two parts of the GED test, R.W. has completed a driver’s education course and received his driver’s license.  R.W. is an excellent student who has been working very hard towards his goal of getting his GED, going on to study computer science in college, and eventually working in the IT industry.

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