EDU 270—Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

This is the first course of a three-course sequence leading to certification in autism, and is endorsed by the Virginia Autism Council. The course will cover the nature of autism and related developmental disorders. It will detail and discuss current evaluation and assessment measure in ASD. This is a HYBRID course with face-to-face and on-line components.     Instructor: N. Woolard.

28997 31WF      M-F/ June 30 – Jul 7      8 AM – 5 PM      KL      3 Credits

28998 51WF      M-F/ Aug. 4 – Aug 8      8 AM – 5 PM      GC      3 Credits

EDU 293—Topics in Education – Classroom Strategies for Management

This course presents practical ideas for encouraging pro-social behavior in the students. It teaches the difference between procedures and classroom rules, and the importance of using them effectively to build a positive climate in the classroom for effective discipline.  Must purchase text.      Instructor: A. Lowery, M. Ed.

28994 31WF      M-F/ June 23 – 27      8 AM – 5 PM      KL      3 Credits

EDU 295—Using Five Instructional Principles to Improve Learning

Five proven instructional principles will be taught as a teaching strategy to improve student achievement in the classroom. Examples of lessons in a variety of academic areas will be shared and practiced. Participants will use the SOL enhanced Scope and Sequence for the disciplines they teach, and plan a complete unit of study using the 4TM strategy, which embeds higher level thinking activities. This teaching strategy can be used in any discipline.  Must purchase text.      Instructor: A. Lowery, M. Ed.

28995 31WF      M-F/ July 21 – 25      8 AM – 5 PM      KL 3      Credits

EDU 295 – 633 – Using Technology in Today’s Classroom

This course will introduce the student to educational technology and current research on critical issues, trends, and adoption of technology and history and theoretical foundations of the field. Students will identify, develop and apply a variety of technological skills congruent to their educational technology philosophy.  It is an on-line course taught through BlackBoard.  Instructor:  Trey Davis

32165  Mode:  On Line   DYN  Begins July 1/Ends August 15    3 Credits  


EDU 280-633: Technology Standards for Teachers       Ashley Wilkins / Distance Learning

Provides K-12 classroom teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel. Certification is dependent on the supervisor’s or employer’s approval.   3 Credits


HIS 281-633: History of Virginia        Matthew Brent / Distance Learning

Course Description: Examines the cultural, political, and economic history of the Commonwealth from its beginning to the present. Part I of II.


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