Early Childhood Education Program

Early Childhood

Looking for new activities or explore new ways to teach the basics? Join our monthly class where caregivers/educators will add to their toolbox of ideas. ICCC partners with RCC to provide Saturday morning quality enrichment classes to local child care professionals. Classes incorporate current licensing standards, and align with the Smart Beginnings statewide initiative utilizing the Professional Competencies and Milestones of Early Childhood Development. For more information on content call Kathy Sauter at ICCC, 800-650-2128.

CHLD 1106 – Building Relationships with Children and Youth Who Challenge Us

This professional development program will help you to take an honest look at children and your feelings about them. Explore what professionals can do to build positive relationships with all children – even the ones who challenge us.

52576 71WF      S Aug 24      9 AM-11 AM      WC      $25

CHLD 1633 – Fighting Children’s Obesity Through Active Play

Keeping children active is one way to help fight childhood obesity. How much active play time do children need each day? Learn great active play ideas for keeping children moving indoors and out.

52577 31WF      S/Sep 14      9 AM -11 AM      KL      $25

CHLD 1634 – How to Turn Good Play into GREAT Play

Learn the secrets of how to help children expand their play; when to step in, when to step out, what questions to ask, and how to get them to think. Also, find out how great play reduces discipline problems.

52579 71WF      S/Oct 19      9 AM-11 AM      WC      $25

CHLD 1635 – Sparking Kids’ Curiosity

What’s so great about a child’s curiosity? Learn how to help kids grow their curiosity. Use clever materials to spark children’s creative thinking and learning.

52581 31WF      S/Nov 09      9 AM -11 AM      KL      $25


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