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Veterans Services at RCC

~ FRAUD ALERT~ The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a fraud alert about a marketing scam that is targeting veterans who misdial the VA National Call Center (800-827-1000) or the GI Bill Call Center (888-442-4551) phone numbers. A marketing company created two phone numbers that differ from the real VA numbers by one digit. If a veteran misdials and calls the bogus number, the answering party will offer a gift card and try to obtain sensitive personal data, to include credit card information. Please note that the VA will “never” ask for credit card or banking information over the phone. The two bogus numbers are 800-872-1000 and 888-442-4511.

RCC Veteran Services is dedicated to helping veterans and their families use their benefits to support their college expenses. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifice of those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and are most honored to assist you in utilizing your benefits to your best advantage.

Steps on how to use your educational benefits

Step 1: Apply with the VA
Complete the application process at You are encouraged to use the Veterans Online Application (VAONAPP). Please begin the application process about six weeks before the start of classes. If you need help completing the application, we can help!

Step 2: Apply to RCC
Fill out our online application to get admitted to RCC and choose your program and curriculum.

Step 3: Speak with our Veterans’ Affairs Certifying Official
Sherika Charity
Phone: 804-333-6743

Step 4: Meet with a counselor
A counselor will help you determine whether you will need to take a placement test and help register you for classes. Please contact the Welcome Desk to schedule an appointment.
Glenns Campus – 804-758-6730
Warsaw Campus – 804-333-6730

Step 5: Protect your classes
Follow up with Sherika Charity to make sure that you have college-approved payment arrangements in place so that your classes don’t get dropped.

Step 6: Maintain your eligibility
To keep receiving veterans benefits, you need to make sure you maintain eligibility throughout the entire term.


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