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Student Technical Requirements

Computer Skill Requirements

A student should be able to:

  • use email, including attaching documents to messages. All official course communication must be conducted through college student email accounts.
  • use of Internet search engines such as Lycos, Google, Bing, or Yahoo
  • use Microsoft Office applications (ex. Word)
  • use internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari
  • open and close files, creating folders, saving files or folders, deleting files, and installing programs.
  • downloading and opening programs from the Internet.
  • print pages from the Internet
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of computing concepts in order to accomplish required course tasks

If you do not have these experiences or skills, you should take a beginning computer course before attempting distance learning classes. (Contact Student Development at either campus, and talk to a counselor for information on which course is right for you.)

PC Requirements

  • 1 GHz Pentium processor or higher
  • 512 MB RAM or higher
  • Windows Vista or higher (Windows 7 or 8 recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest)
  • Java 7 update 15 (required – most recent recommended)
  • 56k Modem (minimum) or Broadband (strongly recommended)
  • Note: If you need to update your browser visit the browser help site.

Mac Requirements

  • MAC with Intel Processor
  • 1024 MB (1 GB) RAM or higher
  • OS 10.6 or higher
  • Safari 6+ or Firefox (Latest)
  • Java 7 update 15 (required – most recent recommended)
  • 56K Modem (minimum) or Broadband (strongly recommended)
  • Note: Not all software is Mac compatible. Please consult your instructor prior to the course start date. Parallels or Boot Camp might be needed.

Note: The hardware requirements listed above are general and apply to most courses. Requirements may vary for some courses. Please check your course syllabi for special hardware requirements.

Software Requirements

  • Browser:
    Internet Explorer 9+, Safari 6.0.1, Firefox (Latest), or Chrome (latest).
    Blackboard Browser Compatibility List
    Test your browser
  • MyRCC single signon (Student Eamil and Blackboard Accounts). Provided to students after registering for a course at RCC.
  • Microsoft Word (2007 or higher)
  • Plugins
    Plugin requirements vary for each course. For more software plugins, please check your Blackboard course under Technology Tips.

Some plugins that you might use in your course:

Virus/ Spyware Information

Due to all the infected files with worms and computer virus on the Internet, we encourage students to run antivirus software.  It is important that you make sure you run updates on a regular basis to prevent viruses from infecting your computer.

Students, faculty, and staff can now download Symantec AntiVirus Products for use on their personal computers. To access the free download, you will need to be registered for classes at RCC.  To access the free download, you will need to login to myRCC single signon and access your Blackboard account. Look on the RCC tab for the Fee Anti Virus Software.

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