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Blackboard Resources


Blackboard Basics

Condensed Quick Guide to all the Basics - Blackboard 101 (pdf)
Checklist for Getting Started in a New Semester

Global Navigation and My Blackboard - Guide to Blackboard Navigation - this is an Blackboard company video.  A few items may differ slightly in appearance from our version.
Printable Using My Blackboard (pdf)

Getting Set up for a New Semester
Posting a Syllabus (pdf)
Posting an Announcement (pdf)
Pasting Text from Word to Blackboard (pdf)
Edit Mode and the Course Menu (pdf)
Make Your Course Available (video) – Instructors are required to make their courses available by the first day the class meets.
Add Content to your Template Course (video)
Blackboard 9 Assignment Feature (video)
NEW - Adding Accessible Images in Blackboard(pdf)

How to remove old courses from your My Blackboard Courses

How to use My Blackboard (pdf)


Create an Assignment (pdf)
Inline Grading of Assignments (video) – grade papers and give constructive feedback right in the Blackboard Window, no need to download first.


Create a Course Banner (pdf)
Creating Course Banners with Web Tools (pdf)
Creating Banners using Powerpoint (pdf)  - From LFCC

Export/Import & Copy

Course Copy Request form – move your content form one semester to the next.

Grade Center

Grade Center Introduction (pdf)
Getting Started with Grade Center (pdf)
Weighting Grades in Grade Center (pdf)
Item Analysis Test Report (video)


Creating Tests Yourself
Importing a Question Pool from Examview (pdf)
Creating a Test from a Question Pool (pdf)
Importing from a Publisher Site (video)
NEW! Deploy a test and Set Test Options (pdf)
Exporting from Blackboard to Word or a PDF File (pdf)
Respondus Lockdown Browser Student Instructions (pdf)


NEW! Blackboard Calendar
Using the Blackboard Calendar (video)
Printable How to Use the Blackboard Calendar (pdf)
Voice Board (pdf)

Content Editor
Video Anywhere tool (video)
Getting Started with Video Anywhere (pdf)
Updated! How to set up your You Tube Accountfor Video Anywhere (pdf)
You Tube Settings and Dashboard (pdf)

McGraw-Hill Connect
Instructor Guide for Blackboard 9.1 (pdf)
McGraw-Hill Connect Faculty Training Tutorial (collaborate)
How to Pair your Blackboard Course with Connect (video)
Add Connect Assignments to Blackboard (video)
Deploy a Connect Assignment in Blackboard (video)
Preparing Students to use Connect within Blackboard (video)

Create and Manage Rubrics (pdf)
Rubric Grading (pdf)
NEW! Rubric Creation and Grading (video)

Managing Users in Blackboard 
Video Introduction (video)
Managing Users Help Document (pdf)

How to log in as a Student (pdf) - see exactly what your students see


 Suggestions:  Contact Blackboard Corporate directly - Make your Idea Heard!

Email for Blackboard Collaborate Suggestions

For questions concerning Blackboard, student enrollments, student usernames, etc., please contact the Blackboard System Administrator, Timothy Hoffman, at or 804.333.6786.



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