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What’s available in Technology at RCC

Here at RCC we have a variety of technology available for employees to support both the classrooms and the administrative offices. Please click on the  Technology Flyer to find out the resources available at RCC. You can also search the menu below for access to specific resources. Click on the icon or title to go to the resource page.

Resource Description and Additional Links
Hyperlink to Blackboard Resources

Teaching with Blackboard

All the resources you need to support your use of Blackboard in your online or classroom based classes.

Link to BB IM

Blackboard Instant Messenger (BB IM)

Resources and help guides for Blackboard Instant Messenger.

Hyperlink to Blackboard Collaborate

Working with Blackboard Collaborate

Resources and help guides for Collaborate Web Conferencing.

Blackboard Course RequestRequest this Course icon Whether you are teaching an online or classroom based course, you will need to have your Blackboard course set up. Use this link to request either a new class space or a copy of an existing Blackboard class.
Wordle: Instruction

Instructional Resources

Here you will find many different technology based resources and tools you can use in your classes. These are great as primary or supplemental resources in your Blackboard sections, and can even be used with your classroom sections.

Hyperlink to Web Services

Web Services

Links to and instructions for various web based services we provide either from RCC’s website or that of the VCCS.

Picture of Computer Mouse and software

Available Software

Software available for download and use, or discount programs available to employees and faculty of RCC.

Hyperlink to General Help

General Help Documents

Find a series of helpful documents on other topics of concern, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, even iPads.

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