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RCC's 2012 Team

RCC softball team starts new season – March 2010

At Rappahannock Community College, the 2010 women’s softball team took off running with an early win against St. Paul’s College, then slowed slightly to their current win-loss record of 3-7 at press time. “There are six games in the next week,” noted Coach Reggie Brann. “This week will make or break our season.” To check the schedule of upcoming games, please visit

RCC Gulls Softball Team 2010

Brann continued, “The 2010 squad is a young team with only two returning players. Though they are great bunch of young ladies, they have not been playing their ‘A’ game.” He instanced a doubleheader against Virginia State University, both games of which were losses for the Gulls, but were nevertheless “the first time this season when the team began to ‘get the job done’: at the plate, defensively, and with our pitching.” He added, “Brooke Marks and Hannah Sisson both threw well against VSU.”

The 2010 Gulls are pictured with Coach Brann. Left to right, seated: Morgan Whirley, Gloucester County; Amber Byrd, Richmond County; Anjelica Newsome, Northumberland County; and Hannah Sisson, Westmoreland County. Left to right, kneeling: Mara Firth, Gloucester County; Lauren Kent, Essex County; and Brooke Marks, Melissa Coates, and Renee Brown, all of Richmond County. Left to right, standing: Brann; Brittnee Aclan, Westmoreland County; Rina Schick, Colonial Beach; Kristen Andrews, Middlesex County; Candace Cooper, Richmond County; and Jamie Garcia, Westmoreland County.


RCC Gulls triumph in softball opener – March 2010

Miserable weather was no bar to a hot performance as Rappahannock Community College’s women’s softball team, the Gulls, soundly trounced the Lady Tigers from St. Paul’s College in the first two games of the season, a home doubleheader on March 2. The final scores were 14-2 and 16-9.

Hannah Sission pitching for RCC Gulls

Future home games (all doubleheaders) will be held Thursday, March 11, against Southern Virginia University; Saturday, March 13, against Prince George’s Community College; Saturday, March 20, against Anne Arundel Community College; Tuesday, March 23, against Virginia State University; Saturday, March 27, against the William and Mary Club; and Saturday, April 24, against Patrick Henry Community College. All the home games will begin at 1 and 3 p.m., except the VSU games, at 3 and 5 p.m., and the PHCC games, at 2 and 4 p.m.

Lauren Kent batting for the RCC Gulls

The Gulls will play away games on Monday, March 29, at Emporia, against St. Paul’s College; on Friday, April 2, at Largo, Maryland, against Prince George’s Community College; on Saturday, April 10, in Richmond, against Virginia Union University; on Sunday, April 18, at Dundalk, Maryland, against the Community College of Baltimore County; and on Tuesday, April 20, at La Plata, Maryland, against the College of Southern Maryland. All of these games are also doubleheaders. The Emporia and Largo games will begin at 3 and 5 p.m., and all the others at 1 and 3 p.m.


RCC-SoftballPitcher: Hannah Sisson of Westmoreland County winds up for a sizzling fastball in the RCC Gulls’ March 2 game against St. Paul’s College. Backing her up are Anjelica Newsome of Northumberland County on second base, and right fielder Morgan Whirley of Gloucester County.

RCC-SoftballBatter: Lauren Kent of Essex County, batting for the RCC Gulls in their March 2 doubleheader, is ready for any kind of pitch from the Lady Tigers of St. Paul’s College.


RCC fills in the blanks for local student – August 2009

“I honestly wish that I had gone to Rappahannock Community College right out of high school,” says University of North Carolina senior Kathryn Brann. In fact, both before and after her high school graduation in 2004, the Richmond County resident has found RCC an invaluable educational resource.

Kathryn and Reggie BrannBrann’s relationship with RCC began in 2002, when she took several dual-enrollment courses in her junior and senior years in order to get a head start on a college degree. Enrolling at Longwood University in Fall 2004, she studied physical education in preparation for a career in teaching and coaching; but after one year she decided to change her major to dental hygiene. “So I came home to save money, and to take my prerequisites in order to apply to dental schools,” she says.

RCC was an essential part of this plan—the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree that she earned in Spring 2007 gave her the transfer credits to apply for junior status at a four-year school. She garnered letters of acceptance from West Virginia University, the University of Georgia, Old Dominion University, and several smaller schools, in addition to UNC.

While UNC is ranked high by several national publications in academic quality and affordability as well as other categories, Brann’s ultimate decision to enroll there was based on the nature of the program. “I chose UNC School of Dentistry,” she says, “because it is housed within a dental school, and you get more opportunities for hands-on observation and learning in the clinical settings. And they have a really good basketball team!”

Brann’s enthusiasm for sports was an important part of her RCC career. It was her urging, as well as that of fellow student Maria Passagaluppi, that influenced the college to venture into women’s sports with the founding of a softball team. With Brann’s father Reggie as its coach, the team began training and competing in Spring 2006; Brann threw the first pitch of the first game, played against Southern Virginia University, and Passagaluppi made the first hit.

Asked if she would participate in sports at UNC, Brann says regretfully, “I wish I could, but the dental hygiene program is a pretty heavy load each semester.” She continues to root for UNC’s teams, however—“especially when they won the national championship in college basketball this year”—and to help her father coach the “Northern Neck Rage” softball team when she is at home.

“Being at RCC was a very satisfying and rewarding experience,” says Brann. “The faculty was very pleasant, and always willing to go that extra step to help you succeed. As my career path was aimed towards the sciences, the science and natural science professors were my main influences. But if I had to pick one professor, I would definitely have to say that Dr. [Hallie] Ray’s enthusiasm about Anatomy and Physiology has been a big influence overall.” Brann states that the study habits she learned in RCC’s science classes helped to prepare her for the workload she is expected to carry in UNC’s Dental Hygiene program. All of her RCC credits were accepted by UNC when she transferred in Fall 2008; also, while she was home during the summer of 2009, she was able to take an additional two RCC courses— Ethics and Introduction to Physical Geography—for credit toward her UNC course requirements.

One of the things Brann likes about the Dental Hygiene program at UNC, she says, is that it is very focused. “It prepares you for something that you strive for . . . it says, this is my degree and this is what I’m going to do.” As a focused person herself, whose goals are always clear and measurable, she appreciates this.

The program is very selective. Brann started in Fall 2008 in a class of just 36 students, five of whom have since dropped out; she is one of only four current students admitted from outside North Carolina. Practical experience is the curriculum’s mainstay, with first-semester students trying out their techniques on each other, and caring for outside patients by the second semester. This fall, Brann can look forward to doubling her number of outside clinical outpatients; she will work in a prison, a veterans’ hospital, local clinics, and the UNC hospital. During her final semester, she will undergo a full-time three-week internship in a dental office. The students are exposed to these varying environments as a preparation for professional work on many different types of patients.

In addition to course requirements, students of the Dental Hygiene program participate in community service projects in the Chapel Hill area, such as outreach programs at elementary schools and malls, and the MOM (Missions of Mercy) charity which cares for the underprivileged. Brann and her classmates also joined the Relay for Life against cancer.

Brann’s interest in the dental profession began with her uncle’s dental practice. “His office and staff provided the framework for my successful habits of oral hygiene from a very early age,” she says, adding that her uncle’s example was the source of her own desire to become a dental hygienist. She has also gained “valuable work experience and insight of what really goes on in private practice” from three years as a dental hygiene assistant at Dr. Roy Pugh’s general dentistry practice in Warsaw.

“After earning my degree in dental hygiene from UNC School of Dentistry [and her state board certification], I am not sure where the road is going to take me,” says Brann. “I have learned since being at UNC that its graduate program [which would prepare her to teach dental hygiene] is very popular, and people speak highly of it . . . that idea is in the back of my head. If not grad school, then I am planning on stepping out into the real world” to work in a private practice.

Photo: RCC graduate Kathryn Brann is in her last year of UNC’s dental hygiene program. She is pictured with her father (and RCC softball coach) Reggie Brann.


RCC Gulls to take wing – March 2009

Rappahannock Community College’s women’s softball team is ready and waiting for the 2009 season. Pictured, seated, left to right: Ashley Kemp, Westmoreland County; and Whitney Kinsey and Katie Webb, both of Richmond County. Kneeling, left to right: Morgan Meagher, Essex County; Amber Byrd, Richmond County; Hannah Sisson, Westmoreland County; and Holly Covington, Northumberland County. Standing, left to right: Ashlee Rouse, Richmond County; Robin Wengler, Westmoreland County; Hope Cannon, King William County; Sara Morse, Northumberland County; and Mallory Marks, Richmond County. At back, left to right:

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