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Spring 2013 Student ID Schedule

Located in the Student Lounge, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. January 7th-11th and 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. January 14th - 22nd . The campus evening supervisors will take evening requests for evening students.


Students who register and pay for one or more credits are eligible to receive an RCC Student ID Card. The first card is issued free of charge to all students. ID cards will identify the individual by name and will bear a photo and the academic year.

New students can have an ID card made during New Student Orientation, and returning students may have an ID card made during designated hours in the Student Development Office at either the Warsaw or the Glenns campus. Hours will be posted and distributed prior to the beginning of each semester.

I.D. Cards are issued at the beginning of each semester and are valid during the academic year.

There will be a $5 replacement fee for any lost or stolen cards. The fee should be paid to the Business Office and the receipt should be brought to the Student ID Office to show proof of payment before a replacement card will be issued. Damaged cards will be reissued at the discretion of the Student Activities Coordinator.

The Student ID card is not transferrable to another person. Students may be subject to disciplinary action for lending a Student ID card to someone else, possessing more than one Student ID, and attempting to use a card of another individual.


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