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Counseling Services

Our counselors can help students with:

  • First Semester class scheduling
  • Select major or change or major
  • Personal Counseling and Referral
  • Request tutoring or other academic assistance
  • Arrange accommodations if you have a documented disability
  • Career and transfer guidance

If you might be dealing with depression or another mental health issue, a screening will help you to better understand your state of mind and whether it might be in your interest to seek further help. RCC is offering screenings at:

Counseling Staff

Alexandra Kost at the Welcome Desk
Administrative Assistant to the dean of student development, Glenns Campus
Phone: 804-758-6730

Sandra Darnell
Counselor, Glenns Campus
Phone: 804-758-6733

Leandra Doane
Student Support Specialist
Phone: 804-758-6834

Rebecca Miller
Student Success Coach, Glenns
Phone: 804-758-6732

Darlene Chamberlain at the Welcome Desk
Administrative Assistant, Warsaw Campus
Phone: 804-333-6730

Alicia Gallo
Administrative Assistant, Student Success Coaches
Phone: 804-333-6838

David Keel
Interim Dean of Student Development
Phone: 804-333-6732

Kendra Wood 
Student Support Specialist
Phone: 804-333-6821

Nic’ole Turner
Student Success Coach, Warsaw
Phone: 804-333-6732

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