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Support Services for RCC Students

Academic Planning

Counselors and student services specialists are available to provide intake advising, interpretation of placement test scores, and academic exploration for new students.  The counseling staff provides assistance with program selection for new students and with course selection for undecided and non-degree students.  Students should schedule an appointment to discuss their academic and vocational plans, goals, and opportunities to help plan appropriate coursework applicable to transfer or employment.  Careful consideration is given to motivation, abilities, aptitudes and past achievements, when assisting a student to select a program. Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Welcome Desk at the Glenns or Warsaw campus.  Students may make appointments with a specific counselor or walk in and be seen by the first available counselor or student services specialist. Evening appointments are also available at both campuses.  

College Success Skills: All curricular students, except those in career studies certificate programs, are required to enroll in an SDV 100 course designed to foster student success in navigating the college environment. The course assists students in developing and practicing skills and strategies which promote a successful college experience. This course should be completed within the first 15 credit hours of enrollment at RCC.  The requirement may be waived on a case by case basis through course substitution for students who hold an Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution. Other requests for a waiver by course substitution may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students must still successfully complete the required number of credits for their degree. Students seeking substitute credit for the SDV requirement should contact the dean of student development.

Transfer Planning: Counselors and faculty advisors are available to help students plan for transferring to another college. Catalogs and web resources are available to help the student carefully plan a transfer program. The counselors and faculty advisors have current information about transfer agreements and can assist students with the transfer process. The counselors and faculty advisors can help weigh factors to be considered in making transfer choices (for example, admissions standards, school size, application deadlines, number of hours and courses accepted for transferring, etc.).  

Students should be aware that the most important contact for discussing transfer is the transfer officer at the four-year college or university of their choice; contact with this individual should be made early in the student’s academic career at RCC to ensure that the student is on the appropriate path for transfer.  A “transfer day” is scheduled annually at RCC in the Fall semester. Representatives from many Virginia four-year colleges and universities visit RCC to discuss their colleges with interested students.

Personal Counseling: Sometimes college students may be confronted with new and challenging situations which create pressures and anxieties that require professional assistance. The counselors are available to assist students in developing solutions to problems and issues which may interfere with their academic progress at RCC, and are trained to give individual help to students, however, this is not a substitute for professional counseling. RCC counselors do not provide mental health counseling, but will make appropriate referrals when necessary.  Contact the Welcome Desk at either campus to schedule an appointment.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who need accommodations to fully participate in the programs and services offered by RCC are encouraged to register with the RCC Counselor at the Glenns or Warsaw Campus.  The counselor at the Warsaw campus coordinates accommodations for the King George site, and the counselor at the Glenns campus coordinates accommodations for the Kilmarnock center.  To be eligible for services, students must submit appropriate medical documentation of their disability. Services are provided based on each student’s individual needs. Services may include, but are not limited to: orientation to campus, academic accommodations, physical barrier removal, liaison with faculty and staff, and/or information and referral. Once students have registered their accommodations, they will meet at the start of each semester with a counselor to discuss the accommodations that are needed for each of their courses that semester. It is recommended that students who are registering an accommodation for the first time meet with a counselor at least 60 days before the start of the semester in order to provide time for them to submit all the necessary documentation, and have it reviewed. In the event that an accommodation request is denied, students may refer to the college grievance procedures. This grievance procedure is outlined in the RCC Student Handbook. 

Student Support Services

Enrolling in and attending college presents many new opportunities for growth and development. Student Support Services (SSS) is a program designed to help students who are income eligible, first generation and/or have a documented disability successfully navigate this new adventure. Through individualized planning, active participation, and peer support, program participants increase their college persistence and graduation rates. Support services are available free of charge and include:

  • Personal and Academic Counseling
  • Academic and Financial Literacy Skills Development
  • Career Counseling
  • Academic Support (tutoring)
  • Transfer Guidance
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Guidance and Assistance
  • Cultural Exposure

SSS is a TRIO grant program funded by the United States. Department of Education and hosted by RCC’s Office of Student Development to advance its purpose of supporting student success.  Students who are interested in applying for the TRIO program should call 333-6736 on the Warsaw campus or 758-6747 on the Glenns campus for more information.

Student Policies and Student Activities

Information on policies governing student life and on student activities are included in the RCC Student Handbook.  These policies are administered by the Student Development Office.

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