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RCC Alert

Rappahannock Community College uses RCC Alert to immediately contact you to announce campus closings, delayed openings, or for emergencies that require special action on your part. RCC Alert delivers these important  alerts, notifications and updates to you on your electronic devices:

  • E-mail account (work, home, other)
  • Cell phone text messages
  • Voice messages to your home telephone

Manage your RCC Alert distribution group memberships
Once you have registered with RCC Alert, you may manage your devices and group memberships. You should add yourself to all relevant groups (student, faculty, staff, King George Site, parent,  etc) so that you will be appropriately notified if an event occurs that may result in campus closings, delayed openings, or requires special action on your part.  Please follow the Instructions to add yourself to a distribution group in RCC Alert for detailed instructions for changing your group memberships.

Instructions for removing yourself from RCC Alert
If you wish to be removed from the RCC Alert system so that you will no longer receive alerts, Please follow the Instructions for removing yourself from the RCC Alert system.

Setting up a voice device in RCC Alert

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