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Class Schedule

Searching for classes has never been easier, thanks to our new course schedule page.

Search Instructions Video:

Search Instructions Step-by-Step:


1. Click on Class Search: 
Step 1

2. Click on the white arrow in the blue bar to select your semester, and select “Spring 2015”

Step 2

3. Choose the area of study that you are interested in by clicking on the “action arrow” on the right:
Step 3

4. Select the class that you’d like to take by using the “action arrow” on the right:

Step 4

5. Choose the campus where you’d prefer to take the class (if available) by clicking on the “action arrow” on the right. Make sure to note the class number and availability (meaning if the class is open or full):

Step 5

6. If you are a current student you will be able to login with your myRCC login information (on the very first page of the  Course Catalog site) and access your Student Information System to add the class to your cart:

Step 6


7. Once logged into the Student Information System App, you will be able to go through the Class Search process to add your class to your cart. 


7a. Location of “shopping cart”

Shopping Cart


All new students that complete the application process will be able to add the class once access is created through myRCC. Students can still login through myRCC and add classes through the Student Information System. Help documents can be found on the Help Desk section of our site. Make sure to remember the class number when registering through the SIS System.

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