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During certain emergency situations, particularly chemical, biological or radioactive material releases, or other violent act, you may be advised to “shelter-in-place” rather than evacuate the building.

When directed to shelter- in- place:

  • Stay inside the building (or go indoors as quickly as possible).
  • If possible, go to a room or corridor where there are no windows and few doors
  • If there is time, shut and lock all windows and doors, (locking the door may provide a better seal on the door against chemicals).
  • In the event of a chemical release, go to an above ground level of the building; some chemicals are heavier than air and may seep into basements even if windows are closed.
  • Turn of the heat, fans, air conditioning or ventilation system, if you have local control of the systems.
  • Drink bottled water or stored water, not water from the tap.
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