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Building Evacuation

  • Evacuation procedures (with floor plan) are posted in each classroom.
  • Occupants are to leave through the nearest exit and to proceed to the parking lot in the event of fire or other emergency
  • In order to comply with state requirements, faculty should review the evacuation procedures with students at the first class meeting each semester, including each summer session. This review is intended to serve the same purpose as a fire drill for students.
  • Buildings should be evacuated whenever fire alarms are sounded, recognizable as an uninterrupted loud pulsating buzz or ringing, or when so notified by college personnel such as Campus Security, Facilities or Administrators.
  • Each staff and faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the students are evacuated from the building, including students with disabilities.
  • Direct students to the initial gathering point for your building. From that area, the Incident commander, Administrator-in-Charge, or fire and police responders will direct staff and students to the secondary gathering point or other location, in order to evade hazards such as smoke and clear the way for emergency response vehicles
  • In the event of fire, the wheelchair elevator located in the Workforce Center should not be used. If handicapped individuals are unable to exit through the rear of the building, use the Area of Rescue located adjacent to the lift. There is a call box located inside the Area of Rescue that you activate to call for help.
  • Facilities Department employees will canvass all rooms, as can safely be done, to ensure that no one remains. Administrators will assist in this effort as soon as they are able to respond.
  • In the event that a chemical mishap necessitates the evacuation of a building, the laboratory technician or instructor will meet the Faculties Supervisor at the evacuation location outside the building to convey information about any hazards that might exist inside, such as noxious fumes or volatile chemicals. These conditions require specialized personal protective equipment and may preclude canvassing of the building by college personnel. In such instances, the Facilities Supervisor will await response by the Fire and Rescue Department and advise them of the hazards so that county fire fighters may take appropriate precautions prior to entering the building.
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