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Bomb Threat

If the college receives a bomb threat, it probably will be by telephone or mail. The utmost concern is for the safety of all individuals at the College. If a bomb threat is made by telephone, the individual at the switchboard would normally receive the call. The following actions/observations need to be made:

1. Note the date and precise time of the call.

2. Note if caller is male or female.

3. Note the age of caller (old, young)

4. Note any dialect.

5. Listen for any background noises (trains, cars, music, noisy people, etc.)

6. Record any text of conversation (as many details as possible).

7. Ask the following questions:

a. What time is the bomb set to go off?

b. Where is the bomb?

c. In what area of the school?

d. In what type of container has the bomb been placed?

e. How was the bomb delivered to the college?

f. Why are you picking this college?

g. What is your name? (Note: the caller will probably hang up after this question.)

8. Report threat to administrator in charge and facilities supervisor

If a bomb threat is received by letter, note, or package, the following procedures are to be followed:

1. Handle the letter, note, or package and enclosures with extreme care.

2. Carefully lay down letter, note, or package.

3. Evacuate and secure area by locking doors.

4. Report findings to college administrators and safety officer.

The college administrators and the safety officer will determine if further action is deemed necessary. The college’s fire alarm will be sounded. All students and staff will be evacuated.

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