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Team Math Contest held at RCC

On Friday, November 16, at both Rappahannock Community College campuses, three-student teams from Colonial Beach, Essex, Gloucester, Lancaster, Middlesex, New Kent, Northumberland, Rappahannock (Richmond County), and Washington and Lee (Westmoreland County) High Schools, the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School at Glenns and Warsaw, and the private school of St. Margaret’s (Tappahannock) competed in the annual Team Math Contest.

The contest, organized by RCC developmental mathematics instructor Brenda Callis, consisted of seven highly challenging questions testing several branches of mathematics—geometry, algebra, and pre-calculus. Each team worked together to solve the problems under the supervision of a proctor, and the teams had 60 minutes to complete as many questions as possible.

As it did in 2011, the New Kent High School team captured first place, with this year’s roster of Alyssa Bushhouse, Chris Rolince, and Megan Turner. The Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School earned both of the other prizes; its Team Two from RCC’s Warsaw Campus (Jim Ficklin, Emmanuel Valdez, and Kellen Wise) took second place, while third place went to the CBGS team from the Glenns Campus (Zach Jones, Levi Lott, and Michael Venter).

Each of the winners received a commemorative T-shirt and a Wal-Mart gift card: $50 for each of the three first-place team members, $35 for the second-place winners, and $25 for the third-place winners. Certificates of participation will be mailed to all contestants.


Image: Top row, left to right: Winning first place in RCC’s annual Team Math Contest were Megan Turner, Chris Rolince, and Alyssa Bushhouse of New Kent High School.

Middle row: the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School’s Team Two from RCC’s Warsaw Campus won second place in the annual Team Math Contest. Left to right: Emmanuel Valdez, Kellen Wise, and Jim Ficklin.

Bottom row: the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School’s Glenns Campus team won third place in the annual Team Math Contest. Left to right: Michael Venter, Levi Lott, and Zach Jones.

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