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SSS sponsors ‘Twelfth Night’ attendance for RCC students

On October 2, Rappahannock Community College’s Student Support Services (SSS) program sponsored a field trip to Lancaster Middle School, where the American Shakespeare Center’s touring company presented a fast-paced production of the popular comedy “Twelfth Night.” Students participating were Laurie Loving, Ayeshia Robinson, Travis Scott, Tremayne Thompson, and Ashley Trevilian, all of Essex County; Joann Abbate, Lachelle DeGroat, Kelsey Harper, Donnell Harris, Syntaz Jett, Alexandra Kost, Parker Pittman, Renee Simms, Bernadene Stammer, Ken Suzuki, and Angela Zaharopoulos, all of Gloucester County; Nadine Banks and Monisha Holmes, King and Queen County; LeShawn Rhodes, King George County; Misha Beverley, Georgiana Lee, and Ernest Taliaferro, all of Middlesex County; Erlene Coleman and Eric Fallin, Richmond County; and Da’jour Bullock, Otho Gaskins, and Dorian Jackson, all of Westmoreland County. Standing at far left is a costumed docent from Historic Christ Church, which sponsored the play.

Student Support Services at Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Student Support Services at Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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