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RCCs Brent gets grant-costly textbooks eliminated

Recently the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) awarded the Chancellor’s OER [Open Educational Resources] Adoption Grant to 12 teachers of the system’s most frequently scheduled courses . . . those which many students must take in order to earn a degree. Among the winners was Matthew Brent, who teaches “History of Western Civilization I” at Rappahannock Community College.

Brent’s $3000 award will help him identify, review, and customize existing high-quality “open educational resources”—digitally available textbooks and other course materials, in the public domain or released from copyright protection—that can be used as the course’s only required material. Students of Brent’s course will not need to own “hard copies” of the material at all, unless they want to print it out for reference purposes. Once the new resources are in place, the VCCS hopes to share this textbook-free course, and others being developed at other VCCS colleges, among all the colleges in the system.

“I was pleased to see such enthusiasm from across the system for this effort,” says VCCS chancellor Dr. Glenn DuBois. “The selected proposals were evaluated not only for their quality and completeness, but also with the goal of funding proposals for as many high-enrollment courses as possible, from a majority of the applying colleges, both large and small.”

3 Responses to “RCCs Brent gets grant-costly textbooks eliminated”

  1. colby parish says:

    Mr. Brent’s an awesome teacher who genuinely cares.

  2. Meagan says:

    Way to go, Mr. Brent!

  3. Eric Milton Hammond says:

    Good for you, Mr. Brent! You are a true RCC hero!

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