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RCC students visit VCU and Federal Reserve

On October 11, faculty and staff members from Rappahannock Community College led a group of 21 RCC students on a field trip to Virginia Commonwealth University and the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond. The trip was made possible by funding from RCC’s Educational Foundation.


A walking tour of the VCU campus, conducted by VCU student ambassadors, began the morning. “They did a great job talking about the various school programs, activities, and college life,” says RCC economics instructor Mark Hutchens, who organized the trip. Several of the attending RCC students had been considering a transfer to VCU; these students were given an opportunity to talk with a VCU transfer counselor during the free lunch generously provided by the university in its Shafer Dining Hall.

An afternoon tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond began with a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation that highlighted that institution’s role in facilitating the nation’s economic growth and stability. During the question-and-answer period that followed, bank employees were impressed by the well-thought-out points raised by RCC students “The bank employees had some homework to do after our visit,” commented Hutchens.

The year 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Bank’s creation through an act of Congress signed by then-President Woodrow Wilson. The bank lobby currently hosts a collection of interactive exhibits that provide information on significant economic events such as the depression of the 1930s, runaway inflation in the 1970s, and the recent severe recession; RCC students were greatly interested in the lessons to be learned from these episodes.

Hutchens wishes to express his thanks to RCC special events coordinator Janyce “Cookie” Jones-Cooke and RCC career coach Karen Hutchens, both of whom volunteered their time to assist with the trip, as well as VCU and Federal Reserve Bank staff who helped to coordinate the visits. He adds, “The security guards were also very patient as we went through the metal detectors!”


Photo: A group of RCC students took a field trip to Virginia Commonwealth University and the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond on October 11. Left to right: Hunter Joseman, James Sink, Camden Cooke, Justin Cole-Samuels, Will Farinholt, Andrew Kanode, Devin Montgomery, Dennis Selph, James Hutchins, Amanda Little, Alexis “Lex” Wormley, RCC economics professor Mark Hutchens, Andrew Mitchell, Eric Tucker, Crystal Brown, Luke Hollingsworth, Lamont Baptist, Brittany Joyner, Misha Beverly, Jordan Cole-Samuels, Marcus Burnett, Jr., Jasmine Thompson, RCC special programs coordinator Janyce “Cookie” Jones-Cooke, and RCC career coach Karen Hutchens.

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