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RCC students spur Martin to earn advanced degree

Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Rappahannock Community College’s public information and marketing manager, Tom Martin, is pictured holding the diploma he has just received from Amberton University in Texas. Martin recently completed three years of online studies to earn a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in management.

Though Martin’s bachelor of science degree in marketing from Virginia Tech (1976) qualified him for his RCC position when hired in 2005, the many working adults in RCC’s student body inspired him to achieve more. In particular, the “A Club,” which twice a year celebrates those who have earned top grades, motivated him not only to gain his master’s degree, but to do so with the goal of earning an A in each of the 12 classes he took. A major factor in reaching that goal, he states, was the encouragement and support offered by his colleagues and friends, whose understanding, kindness, and patience allowed him to devote the time necessary to accomplish this lifelong ambition.

“Due to their life’s circumstances, neither of my parents graduated from high school,” says Martin, “but like many of the high school dropouts that RCC serves through its Middle College program, my mother went back and got her GED later in her life.” As the first in his family to earn high school and college diplomas, and now a graduate degree, Martin gives much of the credit to the diligence and commitment he witnessed while working with the dedicated students whose stories he shares in college news releases and publications. “Many RCC students perform the same juggling act with schoolwork and other responsibilities that I went through myself. They showed me that it could be done,” he concludes.

6 Responses to “RCC students spur Martin to earn advanced degree”

  1. Tammy Barton says:

    Great job Tom.

  2. Felicia Packett says:

    Way to go Tom! I am so proud of you….

  3. Andrea Staskiel says:

    That is wonderful Tom! I know it can be challenging as an “older” student. Remember that while you are drawing inspiration from the students, we in turn are drawing inspiration from you. Thank you.

  4. Louisa G. Bridges says:

    This is wonderful Mr. Martin. We are very proud of you. You have shown us by your example that with hard work, study and time management we can all achieve our dreams. God bless you. Louisa G. Bridges

  5. Marie says:

    Congrats Tom!!! That is a wonderful achievement!!!!

  6. Tanya Oliver says:

    Congratulations Tom! What a wonderful accomplishment.

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