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RCC students achieve academic excellence

At the close of the Fall 2011 semester, 157 Rappahannock Community College students received academic honors for their exceptional performance. All of the students listed were required to maintain superior grades while registered for at least one specific degree or certificate, and taking classes totaling 12 or more credit hours for the semester (not including developmental courses). An asterisk (*) denotes students receiving honors for two courses of study; a plus sign (+) denotes those receiving honors for three.

Appearing on the College Board’s List, with a grade-point average of 3.8 or better, were Bryce D. Lee*, Chesapeake; John C. Callirgos, Colonial Beach; Steven H. G. Briggs*, Shannon M. Turner*, David L. Umphlette*, and Samantha L. Umphlette*, all of Essex County; Luis A. Blanco*, Samantha Boyd, Lisa A. Conrad, Joshua R. Crawford*, Joshua L. Divine*, Haley N. Fox*, Natalie R. Fox*, Emily M. Gedicke*, Michael C. Greeley*, Alexander S. Greene*, Holly F. Jackson*, Daniel R. Jenkins, Amanda K. Lacombe, Megan E. Lewis*, Amber N. McCauley*, Douglas R. Price*, Samantha N. Schaible, Dana M. Stevens*, Jaylee M. Strawman, Shawni N. Thomas*, and Alexandra E. Wright*, all of Gloucester County; Christina K. Deavers* and Kari K. Hollenbeck*, King George County; Brian M. Pemberton*, King William County; Michael S. Navetta* and Heather M. Talley*, Lancaster County; Joshua E. Bartlett*, Amanda M. Greene, Aryah J. Hudgins*, and Kevin A. Kipper, all of Mathews County; Tiffany L. Burton, Caitlyn M. Sibley, and Courtney M. Sibley, all of Middlesex County; Susan H. Baldwin, New Kent County; John D. Donaldson*, Northumberland County; Alexandra S. Lyth, Kirsten B. Minor*, and Darlene N. Thomas, all of Richmond County; and Lindsay C. Beale* and Timothy A. Lewis*, Westmoreland County.

On the Dean’s List, with a GPA between 3.5 and 3.799, were Leroy C. Blue*, Crystal M. Brown, Mallory F. Campbell*, Leianna S. Carneal, Jonathan H. Douglas, and Jasmine A. Fauntleroy*, all of Essex County; Benjamin M. Beacorn*, Fredericksburg; Kristina Blevins*, Alexandria M. Brittle*, Donna R. Brown, David V. Calano, Ramey W. Childress*, Diane M. Compagnone*, Tiffany A. Ellison, Hannah M. Ewell+, Bryan N. Garrison*, Ethan J. Gooch*, Cory M. Harris, Charles Higby*, Scott A. Holthaus*, Zach E. Keener*, Anthony W. Revak*, John T. Sabo*, Blake T. Salmon*, Rachel L. Shipley*, Jessica A. Thomas, and Nicholas C. Von Engel*, all of Gloucester County; Diane C. Phelps*, Highland Springs; Meagan E. Gay* and Emily G. Nelson, King George County; Martin T. Billups, King and Queen County; Ashley N. Peterson* and Ashley N. Ruppert, King William County; Kasey A. Ashburn*, Clayton D. Hinson*, Justin L. Parks*, Jane K. Spencer*, Tamekia K. Taylor, and Alexis D. Wormley, all of Lancaster County; Christopher S. Dehoux, Kelsey R. Harper*, Karyn A. Hopkins*, Brooke N. Hudgins*, Jeremy J. Schultz*, Kelly Viets, and Angela C. Zaharopoulos*, all of Mathews County; Maribel L. Balderas*, Jon T. Hatton*, Amanda L. Pruett*, and Alicia G. Wilder*, all of Middlesex County; Laura L. Hopkins*, Melinda S. LaVecchia*, and Amy M. Leonituk, all of New Kent County; Pamela L. Ellis*, Kyle J. Gaskins*, Brittany Jackson*, and Ashley D. Nance*, all of Northumberland County; Jacqueline E. Beasley*, Dylan H. Fones*, Adrienne M. Lewis, Brittany P. McKenney*, Grover E. Miles*, and Michael R. Yeatman*, all of Richmond County; Stephanie M. McGowan, West Point; and Jade V. Brooks*, Stephanie S. Garner, Alicia A. Jims, Tomas Ramirez, and Alan T. Schexnayder*, all of Westmoreland County.

On the Honors List, with a GPA between 3.2 and 3.499, were Selah D. Packett*, Essex County; Robert D. Allen*, Heidi E. Bussler, Yekaterina Cheremeteff, Brandon T. Cohick*, Jamie E. Craig*, Hunter D. Fariss*, Kaylamarie Franklin*, Ryan S. Gagnon*, Michael Gamble*, Jessica L. Grogan*, Darielle Krueger*, Alexis L. Leggett*, Christine N. Patterson*, Jillian H. Schuck*, Barry W. Smith, Denise L. Wade, Claudia D. Wilson, and Lauren P. Winter*, all of Gloucester County; Ashleigh J. Yeary*, Hampton; Alyson B. South, King and Queen County; Damitri M. Robinson*, Lancaster County; Marguerite N. Callis, Sarah L. Davis, Whitney C. Morgan*, Thomas J. Seals*, and Zachary A. Shields*, all of Mathews County; Thomas V. Crittenden*, Donnie R. Harrell, Villette M. Lee, Amber M. Paniagua*, and JaLisa Waller+, all of Middlesex County; Alvin A. Henry* and Tanasia S. Kelley*, Northumberland County; Christopher P. Coggin, Brandon L. Fallin*, and Brandon W. Oliff*, all of Richmond County; Joseph C. Mueller, Seaford; Nokomis W. Custalow*, Mya L. Johnson*, and Timmy L. Nguyen*, all of West Point; and LaTanya C. Epps*, Westmoreland County.

Though the college makes every effort to ensure accuracy in the Honor Roll, unintentional errors may occur. Please call the College Registrar at 804-758-6740 (Glenns Campus) or 804-333-6740 (Warsaw Campus) to report corrections.

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