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RCC meets with high school representatives

Two recent meetings allowed Rappahannock Community College administrators to share information with area high school principals and counselors about the many dual enrollment and other educational opportunities that the college makes available. Schools in the northern half of RCC’s service region sent representatives to the December 9 meeting on the Warsaw Campus, while the southern half was accommodated at the Glenns Campus on December 16.

Principals and Counselors at the RCC Warsaw Campus

Principals and Counselors at the RCC Warsaw Campus

RCC vice president of instruction and student development Dr. Donna Alexander welcomed the attendees on each campus. At Warsaw, she introduced special guest Michael P. Gibson, chair of the mathematics department at John Tyler Community College near Richmond, who gave an overview of the Reengineering Project now being undertaken by the Virginia Community College System. The same topic was addressed at Glenns by VCCS vice chancellor Dr. Susan Woods.

Principals and Counselors at the RCC Glenns Campus

Principals and Counselors at the RCC Glenns Campus

At both meetings, RCC dean of student development Anne Kornegay and dean of learning resources Cherie Carl explained the process of placement through the COMPASS test (which helps college staff quickly evaluate incoming students’ skills, place them in appropriate courses, and point them toward the learning resources they will need for academic success). Mathematics instructor Robert Parker (in Warsaw) and academic dean Nuala Glennon (in Glenns) then gave details of the Math Redesign Project, which will streamline the delivery of the developmental math courses that many RCC students need before they can succeed in college-level math, reducing both the tuition costs and the time that students must spend on these courses.

Also, dual enrollment coordinator Petie Norris gave a presentation covering the timeline of the program, and answering frequently asked questions. RCC professor Dr. Karen Newtzie assisted him by supplying information about student evaluation and assessment; and Dr. Glenda Haynie, RCC’s director of research, effectiveness, and planning, followed with a summary of data concerning the school systems in RCC’s service region, and the college readiness of each school’s graduates.

Attendance from area high schools was excellent. At Warsaw, Essex High School was represented by Stephanie Bassett, F. Darnell Carter, Amanda Taylor, and Raynell Vesselles; King and Queen Central by Bernard Davis; King George by Cliff Conway and Robin Mitchell; King William by Gloria Washington; Lancaster by Jamie Bradd and Lori Watrous; the Northern Neck Technical Center, in Warsaw, by Randy Long and Deborah Hughes; Mathews by Albert Green, Leslie Hunley, and Dr. Nancy Welch; Northumberland by Jacqueline Samuel and Brian Zobel; Rappahannock, in Richmond County, by Jesse Boyd and Lexi Brown; St. Margaret’s School, in Tappahannock, by Sheri Gross; and Washington and Lee, in Westmoreland County, by Carmen Crisco, Cathy Rice, David White, and David Wilkerson.

Attending the Glenns meeting were Layton Beverage, Matt Lord, and Chuck Wagner, Gloucester High School; Tracey Martin, King William; Renee Johnson, Mathews; Anne Baltrusaitis, Steven Castle, and Kathy Page, Middlesex; Yvonne Jones and Peggy Spiak, New Kent; and Jillanna Daniel, Mark Dorsey, and Linda Minor, West Point.

Also attending were a number of career coaches associated with RCC’s Tech Prep program, who guide students of their assigned high schools to life choices that will benefit them: Katie Green, Percy Pollard, Karen Hutchens, Karen Straughan and Kathleen Zannette.

RCC hopes that this and future meetings will keep the lines of communication open with area high schools, and encourage them to explore the ways in which RCC can give their students a head start on furthering their education. High school students who would like to participate in these programs should talk to their guidance counselors.



Many high school principals and other representatives of their schools attended meetings held on December 9 and 16 at RCC’s Warsaw and Glenns campuses to discuss the learning opportunities that RCC makes available to their students.

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