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RCC library receives book donations

A recent grant from the Libri Foundation’s Books for Children program brought 84 new hardbacks—close to $1500 worth of reading matter—to the Children’s Room of the Rappahannock Community College/Richmond County Public Library.

Young Readers Enjoy Recently Donated Books

Young Readers Enjoy Recently Donated Books

Credit for sponsoring the grant belongs to the RCC/Richmond County Friends of the Library—“an active group, and very supportive,” says RCC dean of learning resources Cherie Carl. “It is due to their efforts that we were successful in obtaining the Libri Foundation grant.”

The Libri Foundation’s sole purpose is to help rural libraries acquire new hardcover children’s books of excellent quality, which they could not otherwise afford. Since October 1990, the Foundation has donated over $5 million worth of books to more than 3,000 libraries in all 50 states. The books are chosen by the local librarian, who is familiar with the needs of the library and the community, from the Foundation’s 700-title booklist (highly praised by participating librarians for its quality and variety). The majority of these books are recent publications, but old favorites are also offered. Each of the new titles bears a special bookplate identifying it as a gift from the Libri Foundation.

Part of the current shipment was a selection of math and science books for young children. Libri donors Hal Berenson and Laura Ackerman expressed their concern about rural children having limited access to this type of material by earmarking $350 to be spent on books they chose from the Libri list, to be presented to an appropriate recipient. “The math and science titles are an extra-special asset to our collection,” says Cherie Carl. “We strive to provide the best resources possible to support the curriculum in our local schools, and having extra choices for children and parents is very important to us.” Carl describes these nonfiction books—commonly more expensive than fiction, and therefore harder for small libraries to acquire—as “engaging and educational at the same time.”

Among other uses, the new books will be the basis of a project focusing on literacy and discrimination, which is being undertaken by Warsaw’s Girl Scout Troop #831, and will result in a merit badge for those who complete it.

One Response to “RCC library receives book donations”

  1. Kristy Walker says:

    I think it is great that the Girl Scout Troop is helping support literacy. The RCC Children’s Library has been very supportive to our community. I am very happy to know that we have such a great collection for our kids. I hope the community knows how much this means to the kids.

    Way to go RCC Children’s Library.

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