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RCC leads state community colleges in enrollment growth

Dr. Elizabeth Crowther

Dr. Elizabeth Crowther

Recent Virginia Community College System statistics show that Rappahannock Community College had the greatest percentage of increase in head-count enrollment among the 23 colleges of the system during the academic year of 2010-11. RCC’s head-count increase was 9.9 percent, as compared to the system average of just over 2 percent. In full-time equivalent enrollments (calculated by dividing the total number of credits taken by all students by the 15 credits considered a full course load), RCC scored second of the 23 colleges with a 10.2 percent increase; the system average was 4.8 percent.

“Congratulations to all of you who work to recruit, retain, and accommodate all these students,” RCC president Dr. Elizabeth Crowther told her staff. “RCC is known as the go-to institution, and this is because of the good people who provide services and solutions to problems.”

Greater-than-average growth means that RCC receives “a slightly bigger portion of the [VCCS] funding pie, which has been very useful these past several years,” says Crowther. However, she goes on to say, “Growth just for the numbers and a slight competitive advantage is not our driver. What thrills us is the fact that financial aid applications and awards have gone up rapidly, students are completing programs in greater numbers, and we are reaching students we have not reached in the past.” She mentions that more students are attending RCC full time, rather than taking just a few classes, and that more new high school graduates are choosing to start a college career at RCC. College staff members have worked hard to get the word out to local people about the many benefits of attending RCC; these efforts have contributed greatly to the enrollment increase, as have RCC’s recently renovated facilities and its over three dozen Guaranteed Admission Agreements with fine four-year colleges and universities.

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