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RCC helps middle schoolers buy wisely

On February 28, at St. Clare Walker Middle School in Middlesex County, volunteers from Rappahannock Community College took part in a “Reality Store” event jointly sponsored by the Middlesex Rotary Club and the Virginia Co-operative Extension Office.

Dr. Crowther explains buying options to student

Dr. Crowther explains buying options to student

In this real-life simulation activity, eighth-grade students at St. Clare Walker learned financial literacy skills, such as planning a budget based on a predetermined level of education and income. Visiting a series of learning stations (bank, car dealership, grocery store, housing, utilities, and others), they applied decision-making, problem-solving, and management processes to develop and follow a spending plan that would meet established goals. Pictured is RCC president Dr. Elizabeth Crowther, consulting with a student about a transaction.

“I was highly impressed with all the students I encountered at St. Claire Walker Middle School,” says Don Bartholomay of RCC’s Workforce and Community Development Center. “The ‘Reality Store’ learning exercise was embraced with much enthusiasm and personal responsibility. These students are to be commended for their ability to make sound financial decisions.”

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