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RCC faculty and staff members chosen for statewide Showcase Awards

Pradeep Ghimire

Pradeep Ghimire

At the 30th annual convention of the Virginia Community College Association (VCCA) at “The Homestead” in Bath County, October 3-5, one faculty and one staff member from Rappahannock Community College will be showcased in special presentations recognizing consistently outstanding performance in their fields. Pradeep Ghimire and Marlene Cralle have been chosen to represent the college on this important occasion.

To qualify for this honor, faculty members must demonstrate excellence in teaching. Also, both faculty and staff honorees must have made significant contributions to education in general and to their own colleges in particular, as well as showing a continuing interest in their own personal and professional development.

Associate professor of accounting Pradeep Ghimire joined RCC in Fall 2010 with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and honors to his credit. Ghimire holds the degrees of bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering from Bhopal University’s Maulana Azad College of Technology (India), and master of business administration from the University of Mississippi. In 1995, he was a winner of UM’s John N. Palmer Graduate Fellowship.

Before coming to RCC, Ghimire held faculty positions at Rust College in Mississippi, and Palo Alto College, St. Mary’s University, and Northeast Lakeview College, all in Texas. He has also held a variety of non-teaching positions with private engineering and business concerns in Nepal and the United States. At RCC, he serves on the Instructional Affairs Committee, the Institutional Effectiveness Council, and the Faculty Senate.

In 2007, the Texas Business and Technology Educators Association presented Ghimire with its Post-Secondary Business Teacher of the Year award; he also made the “great faculty” list posted by the Alamo Community Colleges District in January 2008. He is a member of the Texas Business and Technology Educators Association, and of Teachers of Accounting at Two Year Colleges (TACTYC). Ghimire also serves as a director-at-large of the Nepal America International Education Foundation, which strives “to foster friendship and understanding among Nepalese, Americans, and people around the world for the common goal of advancing education in Nepal.”

Marlene Cralle

Marlene Cralle

Representing RCC’s staff is Marlene Cralle, the administrative assistant for the last two years to RCC’s vice president of workforce and community development. Among other duties, she coordinates events sponsored by the Workforce Development Office, acts as purchaser for all the programs included under the Workforce umbrella, and renders whatever assistance is needed to the students served by the office, and the faculty members who teach them. The functions of her job, she says, cover the alphabet from A to Z, with the last entry being “zipping between various ‘to-do’ lists and projects. No two days in the office are the same,” she says, “and not one is ever dull.”

“I often receive calls from or see people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives,” Cralle says. “They may have lost jobs, or they may have dropped out of high school, and are now seeking RCC’s help in improving their lives and that of their families. Many people I first greet in the office are uncertain of what our community college is all about. My job is quite clear at that point: to extend a warm greeting and help them begin this new journey.”

Cralle is currently enrolled in RCC’s Associate of Arts and Sciences degree program, majoring in Business Administration. “I would love to continue my education beyond RCC,” she says; but she is not yet certain of the path she wishes to take, only that “my continuing education will focus on serving the needs of others.” She quotes an Irish proverb: “It is in the shelter of others that people live.”

A Northumberland County resident and a graduate of Northumberland High School, Cralle has three children and one grandchild. She is an enthusiastic and long-time volunteer with the Northumberland school system, helping out with the Reading Partners program and the high school’s “After-Prom” organization, and as a “Team Mom” with the athletic department. For twelve years she served as a troop leader with the Girl Scouts of America, and she has also spent many years as a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, and vacation Bible school director at her church.

Cralle is an active member of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, and a member of the Williamsburg Symphonia League. In her spare time, she enjoys attending theater performances and concerts, reading, and spending time at the beach.

7 Responses to “RCC faculty and staff members chosen for statewide Showcase Awards”

  1. Kristy Walker says:

    Congratulations Marlene! I enjoyed reading the article and finding out so many interesting things about you. I love Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and take the kids every Christmas to see the lights.

  2. Amy Lamb says:

    Congratulations, Marlene!! Now I know why Tanner is so well-rounded and intelligent!! Best to you.


  3. Martha says:

    Congratulations, Marlene!! You have made such a huge difference in so many lives in the Northern Neck, and at RCC. Thank you for all you do!

  4. Gloria Savage-Early says:

    Congratulations on your VCCA Faculty Showcase Award. You have many contributing attributes that qualify you for such a distinguished award. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Gloria Savage-Early says:

    Congratulations on your VCCA Staff Showcase Award. You have continued to be a hard worker and it has paid off. Continue to move forward in your professional and personal endeavors. Thank you for all your hard work.

  6. Felicia Packett says:

    Congratulations Marlene!

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